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Catwoman (1993)

From Book 1: Catwoman successfully steals jewelry from the Gotham Museum, but she is frustrated by constant surveillance as she works for Bane. She meets with Leopold and Bird, her accomplices, and gives Bird the loot. Selina, Catwoman's alter ego, returns to her apartment with Leopold and Arizona. Selina sends Leopold to collect their share and provides him with a lead for their next target. Arizona almost reveals Selina's real name but stops herself. Selina scolds Arizona for the close call and emphasizes the importance of her hidden identity. Bane learns that a hitman is targeting him and decides to capture the hitman's master. He realizes that Catwoman's loyalty is superficial without knowledge of her real name. Despite his efforts, Bane fails to uncover her identity, which impresses him. Leopold arrives to collect their share and asks permission to pursue the Darracourts' jewels. Bane tests Leopold's loyalty and decides to use him to draw out the hitman. Catwoman infiltrates the Darracourts' bedroom and tricks Mr. Darracourt into thinking she is his wife, enabling her to steal Tiffany Darracourt's jewels. Meanwhile, Guillermo, the hitman, finds Leopold and forces him to reveal information. Leopold leaves Selina's apartment to deliver the stolen goods to Bane but secretly signals Guillermo. Sensing danger, the cats in Selina's apartment alert Catwoman. Moments later, Guillermo destroys Selina's apartment building with a rocket launcher.