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A.X.E.: Avengers (2022)

DRUIG, the current Prime Eternal, determined that Earth's mutants represent excess deviation... and therefore, he has set out to destroy them all. Druig unleashed the HEX, giant Eternals, to attack the mutant nation of KRAKOA, triggering war. A faction of the ETERNALS opposed to Druig's plan worked together with the AVENGERS and the kidnapped mutant geneticist, MR. SINISTER. Together, they used the AVENGERS' headquarters, the deceased body of a Celestial, to create a new, living god... the PROGENITOR. However, once awakened, the Progenitor announced to everyone on Earth that within 24 hours they would all be judged. And if found lacking... all will die! The Progenitor carried out its judgment and has now set out to destroy the Earth. A small team of AVENGERS, X-MEN and ETERNALS have gone inside the Progenitor in an attempt to activate its self-destruct mechanism.