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Young Justice: Targets #5 (of 6)

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Just as it seemed that Superboy was about to make some headway, enter a Kryptonite-laced METALLO!

Will the team be able to finally achieve their goal and rescue Perdita, or will the Lexcorp Robotics Factory be their final resting place?

Check out this penultimate chapter to find out!

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Dark Knight News

    Young Justice: Targets #5 is yet another absolutely stellar piece of work from Weismann and the creative team. I genuinely think that this series has only improved issue after issue. The story hasn’t had any lulls and climbs like some can, it’s been one steady climb. The artwork has been astounding, and every issue gives the feeling of the animated show coming to life in the pages of a comic book.
    I don’t think I say enough good things about this series, or issue. Seriously, find a way to read it! Even if you’re not a Young Justice fan, you’ll enjoy this.

  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Young Justice Targets #5 is the penultimate issue and throws in a couple of curve balls for the heroes to deal with that work for and against the comic. The issue has Metallo on the cover, but he doesn’t really do much other than monologue. Not to mention the later developments in the comic’s story are interesting, but they also deflate any potential tension the comic could’ve had carry over to the next issue.

  • 60

    Superman Homepage

    It’s not that it was a bad issue, but rather a boring one, or well, a filler one. And not in a good way. After last issue’s excelling at giving story progression without sacrificing character, this one just kinda happens. Sure, Metallo’s backstory is of some interest, as he raises some interesting points about the super’s treatment of Lex, and how he positions himself as a direct contrast to Superboy, the son Lex deserves, and the twist at the end is quite surprising, even though we know the heroes will be okay, but… Not much else. It’s quite odd.

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