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X-Terminators #2 (of 5)

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Four deadly X-Women find themselves held captive and fighting for their lives… and more importantly, fighting to get revenge on the @#$%#$@ dead man who did this to them!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90


    X-Terminators is an unabashed, rude, and loud series, and we're all better for it. This second issue continues to be super fun, funny, and entertaining. There's simply nothing like it on the comics shelves, making it well worth purchasing and enjoying. That uniqueness, however lacking in depth, goes a long way to entertain comics readers who are bored with the same old same old.
  • 90

    First Comics News

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    X-Terminators #2 has all the violence, cheesecake, and silliness of the first issue while continuing to develop the plot. It explores concepts of objectification and performance while staying true to its grindhouse aesthetic.
  • 84

    The Fandom Post

    I don't think I enjoyed this issue as much as the last one because the series opened with a lot of good character stuff and things that just focused on the characters. Here, it's all about the fight and the minor personality clashes between the four women, which is less interesting overall. It's not a surprise or unexpected material but it's also why I was more interested in the Kraoka bits and what we got from Alex with the behind-the-scenes look at events. It's a solid issue and the fight material is really good with some great visuals – especially the color design – so it's a strong read throughout that delivers a lot of fun.
  • 80


    A gleefully fun romp into corners of the Marvel Universe that we don't see enough. There's a big part of me that wants to see this creative team continue this series the moment it ends.
  • 80

    X-Terminators #2 keeps up the mix of glam, gore, and girls-night-out that made the series debut a delight. The issue uses a flash-forward to introduce a framing story, which is a little jarring since that device was not present in the first issue, which instead included a flash-forward to a completely different situation to kick things off. Despite that, the scene is a joy. I don't know why The X-Terminators are dressed in cosplay/Halloween costumes as they recount the event of the series to the quiet council, but I would like to learn more. The addition of Wolverine only improves the balance of personalities as she and Dazzler act like the adults in the room, strategizing and comparing notes, while Jubilee and Boom-Boom wrestle for the crowd's approval. There are some issues with perspective in the artwork, but generally, the visuals bring the glittery grindhouse vibe the issue's plot and atmosphere are working to achieve. X-Terminators #2 is a fast read but a fun one.
  • 80


    This comic is still very fun in its second issue. Things slow down a little bit storywise, but then anything would have been a slowdown from the madness of that first issue. The three (now four) main characters remain super fun and wild, and that’s the selling point. It’s still a comic where Leah Williams takes (I assume) her favorite X-characters and just tells a crazy story with them. And it works! The dialogue between the crew is funny and their camaraderie is enjoyable. The artwork also, easily, keeps up with the madness. I think everything about the main thrust of the comic is going splendidly. I just don’t think the bad guys are all that interesting. They’re generic vampires with enough money and connections to build a giant death ring and a super magical mirror house…and the mirrors were apparently strong enough to cut through the Adamantium in Laura’s arm? That might have been a little flub, and it only occurred to me just now, while writing this. Oh well. My real complaint is with the vampires. Dazzler’s ex-boyfriend turning out to be an original super-villain who puts them through a death trap? Funny and crazy! That ex-boyfriend turning out to not only be a generic vampire with generic vampire allies, but also the son of one of those vampires from that horrible X-Men vs. Vampires story from years ago? Dullsville, daddio! The energy behind this series is still really strong in this second issue, though it veers a bit into being too generic by the end.
  • 67

    Major Spoilers

    X-Terminators #2 is developing into a solid story. While it isn’t my usual reading, this issue has proven to be fun. The current X-Men comic run has a book for every interest, and this one fills a niche that no current title is serving.
  • 35

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    X-Terminators #2 is a loud, obnoxious, contrived, pointless mess. The characters' voices don't sound anything like they should, and worse, they all sound like each other. The plot is a series of random happenings, but at least the art's good.

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