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X-Men: The Wedding Special #1

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Mystique and Destiny are one of the most beloved – and longest running – gay couples in history. Somewhere in their 100+ years together, the pair married, but we’ve never seen the event on the page.

This year, Marvel’s Voices: Pride makes history with Marvel’s first woman-to-woman wedding! And with a couple as complex as these two, you know there’s a lot more to the story.

We promise party crashing! Villainy! Romance!

In the classic tradition of Fantastic Four Annual #3 and X-Men #30, this anthology will be a must-read for every comics fan.

Featuring the Marvel debuts of award-winning writers Yoon Ha Lee (Ninefox Gambit, Machineries of Empire) and M. Louis (Agents of the Realm), and much more talent to be announced!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    Marvel Voices: Pride – Mystique and Destiny’s Wedding is a beautiful, heartwarming issue that normalizes LGBTQIA+ marriages and showcases support from friends and family. The love between Mystique and Destiny is transcendent, demonstrating that love is love, regardless of gender presentation or sexuality. This issue pulls at the heartstrings and highlights the beauty of LGBTQIA+ love. X-Men has always championed inclusivity and the fight for belonging, and this issue not only underscores that message but also shows that everyone deserves a happily ever after.

  • 90

    Comic Watch

    This was a fun, though inessential read. It’s nice to see so many non-male creators gathered together in one book. It’s a pity that Marvel only seems to break out this level of diversity for Pride.

  • 90

    Multiversity Comics

    X-Men: The Wedding Special #1 celebrates the Krakoan era and serves as a strong coda to Immortal X-Men.

  • 90


    X-Men: The Wedding Special #1 might be one of the best Pride anthologies ever, thanks to the cohesiveness between its stories and some deep-cut queer characters being utilized. This isn’t just a grab-bag of stories celebrating queer characters and queer creators, but a meaningful chapter that has fun with its bride and bride. The curation is impeccable, and big props should go to Sarah Brunstad for making this one-shot truly special.

  • 74

    The Comic Book Spot

    All of the stories in this compilation are fantastic. It treats queerness as an everyday part of life and for this I give it high marks.

  • 73

    Graphic Policy

    Overall, X-Men Wedding Special #1bolsters a talented team of creatives who celebrate a wedding centuries in the making, which conflicts with being 2024’s Marvel’s Voices Pride. I loved the wedding aspect, but I wish it had more stories and materials representing more queer and trans characters outside of solely X-Men ones. With Irene and Raven having Marvel’s first sapphic wedding, its memorability and impact get slightly lessened with the other aspects the issue needs to juggle. As a result, X-Men Wedding Special #1cannot solely be about their wedding but also has to carry the weight of being this year’s Marvel’s Voices Pride. I prefer if this served as a stand-alone special issue along with having a Marvel’s Voices Pride 2024 issue. X-Men Wedding Special #1celebrates the immortal love of Irene and Raven while struggling to showcase the diverse LGBTQ+ community in Marvel comics.

  • 70

    Marvel Comics celebrates the renewal of Mystique and Destiny’s vows in X-Men: The Wedding Special, which doesn’t shy away from the complexities inherent in the celebration of two women who have had careers as terrorists and been unrepentant murderers or accessories thereof. The main story presents a wedding ceremony befitting Mystique and Destiny in that it quickly turns into a heist. “Wedding Gatecrashers” focuses on Captain Britain and Askani’s efforts to make it to the wedding on time. It doesn’t have much new to say about the characters but is a suitable showcase for the queer mutant power couple. “Get Mystique… a Gift!” is a story dedicated to teachers who support LGBTQ youths. Despite sometimes reading like a social media thread, it does a stellar job of digging into the complexities of human beings and the inherent compromises made in celebrating them. The final two stories, “Épée of Truth” and “The Thief’s Surprise,” are solid if not particularly memorable. X-Men: The Wedding Special finally gives one of Marvel’s earliest queer couples their due, a worthwhile endeavor even if the individual stories inside aren’t likely to linger in anyone’s mind for long. The issue gets bonus points for including Angelique Roche’s interview with Chris Claremont and reprinting Peter David and Guang Yap’s backup from X-Factor Annual #6 from 1991, a poignant and unexpectedly humorous short story about Mystique grieving after Destiny’s death.

  • 60


    X-Men: The Wedding Special #1 seems sure to please die-hard X-Fans. It fizzles somewhat as a Pride Month special, but will surely annoy those triggered by the presence of pronouns on the title page. That, teamed with some truly funny moments and good art, make it well worth reading.

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