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X-Men: Red #8

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

Welcome To The World Farm!

Cable springs his trap for Abigail Brand – but are her plans too big for even the Askani’son to handle alone?

To foil a scheme stretching from the Sol System to the Shi’ar Empire and beyond, the Soldier of Tomorrow’s going to need all the help he can get… from his very own X-Men Red!

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24 pages
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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    This is a satisfying, well-balanced story, and an enticing, action-packed beginning to what promises to be another amazing arc.
  • 85


    X-Men Red continues to be the most complex and engaging serialized stories in comics. The pieces all fall into place for a great payoff that will lead into some fantastic stories in the near future.
  • 85


    X-Men: Red #8 will delight fans of the cosmic side of X-Men comics. The story is satisfying with ongoing stories involving Cable and Abigail Brand, as it offers plot progression and answers for long-running subplots.
  • 84

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Men Red #8 is yet another solid issue of a top-tier X-book. Its still between this and Immortal X-Men on whats the best X-Men series out right now. Ewing does his Marvel sci-fi politics thing thats so much fun, pays off a lot of dangling plotlines, and gives an exciting story. Musabekov and Blee are a top-notch art team. If theres any drawback to this comic, its that it takes readers away from the Arakko stuff, which is the best part.
  • 80

    Writer Al Ewing has been developing a potent structure for Marvel Comics' cosmic events for years, but the mastermind behind so many developments—Marvel Comics' "Littlefinger, if you will—is revealed to great effect in X-Men Red #8. The staging for this reveal comes in presenting the next stage of their plan in a caper that's engaging, but ultimately devoted to expository dialogue and events. Characters collected from S.W.O.R.D. and other recent series make for a very entertaining "away team" and one that's suddenly facing down tremendous odds despite their own abilities. X-Men Red repositions itself as a lynchpin to many future Marvel Comics just after playing a dramatic role in A.X.E.: Judgment Day. Whether readers are heavily invested in X-Men comics or the many space-tied characters across Marvel, X-Men Red has never appeared more critical to the future of so many stories than it does in the way of Judgment Day.
  • 80

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Ewing continues to build on his story arc from S.W.O.R.D while also pushing X-Men Red in an interesting direction.
  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    X-Men: Red #8 brings the focus fully back on what Abigail Brand has been planning and it the results were explosive. Al Ewing does an excellent job juggling multiple stories that all tie together while making sure to give us a lot of quality character work. The way things end makes you wonder if anyone will be able to stop Abigail Brand's plans. That's a sign of a strong villain plot and something that will have fans coming back to find out how things go next.
  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    X-Men Red #8 takes us away from Arakko and Storm and into the perspective of Cable, which does a disservice to the comic title as a whole.
  • 65

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    X-Men Red #8 starts the final story arc for the series. Now that A.X.E.: Judgment Day is over the series can get back to its main story with Abigail Brand as the main villain. However, this issue is mainly setup and feels like it's cramming a little too much into it before it really gets things going. Madibek does a good job with the art especially when it comes to the Sci-Fi locations and aesthetic. While this issue is mainly setup, it ends off with the action just about to start so things will get more exciting in the next issue.

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