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X-Men Legends #6

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OMEGA SQUAD will die.

And it’s all BISHOP’s fault.

BISHOP makes a fateful decision that will spell the end of life as he knew it!

Presaging his appearance in the classic Uncanny X-Men #282, witness legendary Whilce Portacio’s vision for his co-creation as we finally detail the truth behind the X.S.E.’s time-travel mission gone wrong!

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    This issue of X-Men: Legends leaves most of the previous chapter’s moral complexities behind, instead enacting a straightforward telling of Bishop’s ill-fated plan and Fitzroy’s plotting and betrayal sent them to the past, and Bishop’s squad to their deaths. The story adds a bit more tragedy to Bishop’s history and a dash of nuance to his early portrayal as a hard-ass out for vengeance, but there’s not much else to it. Whilce Portacio’s artwork remains the draw, he’s well-suited to bringing out the intricate details of Bishop’s high-tech future. One might think that a prison break plot would provide the opportunity for some exciting action scenes, at the least, but those never materialized. The pages instead feel crowded with no room for movement. For any X-Men fans who feel like they need a little insight into how Bishop became a member of the X-Men Gold Team after showing up through a time portal in a murderous rage, this will provide that. The issue offers no hook for anyone outside of that narrow demographic.

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