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X-Men Legends #5

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Legendary Whilce Portacio returns to his iconic co-creation in an all-new tale that finally reveals the genesis of BISHOP’s time travel mission that pulled him from the future into the X-Men’s present!

Bishop, Malcolm and Randall, who make up the elite Omega Squad, have discovered a dark truth about the X.S.E.

After a mission goes sideways, how far will they be willing to go to make this right? To the past — and beyond!

Bishop will make the most shocking decision in X-Men Legends history that will redefine what you thought you knew about mutantkind’s future and the reason behind Bishop’s collision with the X-Men!

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22 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 70

    Whilce Portacia returns to X-Men—and his creation, Lucas Bishop—in X-Men: Legends, teaming with writer Brian Haberlin and colorist Arif Prianto to tell the story of what happened to Bishop before he stepped through that time portal in Uncanny X-Men #282. (...) Where our sentiments should lie is muddled somewhat, but in fascinating ways that will hopefully play out satisfyingly as the story continues. And, of course, Portacio drawing the X-Men again is a welcome sight, even if the muted colors more weigh down than ground his style.
  • 60

    Comic Watch

    Yet Another story in a dystopian future trying to present something different or is it really all that different. If you love Bishop, and you love that dark X-men future, it is worth picking up. At the very least, as a reprieve from the Krakoan era.

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