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X-Men Legends #4

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MOJO’s latest motion picture is off to a rousing start! But can LONGSHOT recover his memories in time to stop WOLVERINE from carrying out the execution of SHADOWCAT? No special effects or trick shots in this Mojoworld production, so every death will have to make the final cut!

Longshot co-creator Ann Nocenti calls the shots in this all-new tale set shortly after the original LONGSHOT miniseries!

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  • 80

    X-Men: Legends #4 is likely one of those comics that some will bemoan as a story where "nothing happens," and, in fairness, the plot is circular, but that's not the point. Instead, Ann Nocenti uses her two issues on X-Men: Legends not to plug some hole in continuity, answering questions almost nobody was asking, but to show her skill as a satirist with a distinct and strong authorial voice. Here, she uses her co-creations Mojo, Spiral, and Longshot to update the critique of pop culture for which she created them for today's realities, including highlighting the casual sexism of the entertainment industry and the folly of fan-driven storytelling. Artist Javier Pina does an admirable job of realizing the heightened reality of the Mojoverse, along with Mojo's over-the-top antics and outbursts. It won't give X-Men fans much reason to update any particular character's Wikia page. However, it does make for the best story featured in X-Men: Legends thus far and a suitable update and epilogue to the original Nocenti and Art Adams' original Longshot miniseries.
  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    Though it lacks the kind of wit it might have had, it IS nice to see a story almost perfectly matching themes that echoed through X-Men comics in the second half of the 1980s. There is so much more that could have been done with Mojo in the era that never quite had a chance to develop as various events whipped around the Marvel Universe, sweeping it into the 1990s. With the right momentum, an extended Longshot series might still work out with a writer who has a chance to build it into a more complicated satire. As for X-Men: month, it shuffles forward to 1992 to pursue an adventure set between X-Factor #75 and #76.
  • 53

    Major Spoilers

    I like this comic’s ideas, but I don’t think we had the proper execution. I understand this is supposed to remain in canon, but I needed a little more character and plot development.
  • 20

    Comic Crusaders

    Female empowerment has been a key cornerstone of the X-Men world, but this book makes it into a punchline rather than simply showing empowered women. The spiral effects and the reference to the X-Babies are nice but definitely not enough to save this book. Thankfully the nature of this anthology allows us to move onto another creative team next issue with renewed hope for truly legendary storytelling.

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