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X-Men Legends #1

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AN ALL-NEW TALE SET BEFORE GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1! Before GIANT-SIZE X-MEN brought STORM, WOLVERINE, COLOSSUS, NIGHTCRAWLER and THUNDERBIRD to the team, Roy Thomas redefined the merry mutants in two seminal runs on the book. Now Roy, at long last, returns to the saga of the X-MEN to take us through the period between his run and GSX, for the first time detailing Wolverine’s government missions before his recruitment by PROFESSOR X (including unrevealed detail on his battle with the green goliath in HULK #181/182), an untold episode involving BEAST and a host of missing mutants, and the secret behind Wolverine’s costume! Kicking off an all-new volume of X-MEN LEGENDS by a host of legendary creators, this is but the first story in a run of new, in-continuity tales covering the length and breadth of X-Men history from the early eras to fan-favorite latter day sagas! Face front, True Believers! These are the missing links you’ve been looking for!

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  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    X-Men Legends #1 is a journey into an excellent era for X-Men comics. Giving Thomas the opportunity to go back to that time is remarkably satisfying and nostalgic. But it isn’t just a book filled with callbacks and references as a new story is being told through an old era. The mixture of warmth from experiencing that classic battle with trepidation of a secret side-story means that there is the start of an emotional rollercoaster. That is cut short however due to a slight mismanagement of pacing, affecting how it stands as a single issue.
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    Let’s be honest, these new stories that slot into old continuity have been very hit and miss. They get a lot of goodwill from the nostalgia crowd (guilty as charged) but don’t always do enough to really merit their existence. Although capturing a place and time is a big pull for a lot of fans, we still need that story to add to our nostalgia, not tarnish it. Mots, though, have certainly had their hearts in the right place, and I picked this one up as I like early New X-Men stuff, and you always get value for money with Roy Thomas writing. This time round as well Roy gets to write a character that he actually originated but passed on to Len Wein to introduce, Wolverine. For context, this story takes place between the events of Incredible Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1, waaay back in 1974. (...) A decent start, but possibly one more for the long-time fans who love to see Roy Thomas writing for Marvel again, in an era that’s held in a lot of affection.
  • 79

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    For those yearning for yet another X-men book to add to your pull list, this will surely tickle your fancy! Thomas fashions a well-plotted story that is also a quick read. You don’t have to be a decades-long “X” fan read X-Men Legends #1 as it has the perfect amount of backstory and setup that you can jump right in! For longtime fans of the Claremont era, this story will please you as well as it shows what many consider the most famous mutant ever, Wolverine, was up to immediately preceding Giant-Size X-men. I for one am really looking forward to issue #2!
  • 77

    Major Spoilers

    This story has potential, but the main plot hasn’t picked up momentum yet. I’m unsure what the overarching theme is and who is the main antagonist. But I’m confident we will see some cool stuff within this miniseries.
  • 75


    X-Men Legends gets a new number one this week with a story by comics legend Roy Thomas and Dave Wachter. Thomas talked about the new series a few months ago in X-Men Monday, which should have fans of Wolverine very excited. In X-Men Legends #1, Thomas and Wachter explore the delicate time Logan was still fighting for Canada and not yet an X-Men. We’re talking fighting Hulk and going on secret missions kind of storytelling. If you’re unfamiliar, X-Men Legends has been letting classic comics creators a chance to tell new stories set during classic eras for the series. These tales are in canon, allowing fans to get a little more insight into classic tales. (...) Wolverine fans rejoice – X-Men Legends #1 offers an entertaining look at the character’s earlier days at Marvel Comics. Thomas is an exciting creator to revisit a classic era, and the story here has enough going on to warrant exploring a lost chapter in Wolverine’s history.
  • 40

    Marvel Comics is back for another round of retro gap-filling stories with the launch of a new volume of X-Men: Legends #1. Where the previous series at least began by answering a long lingering question from the X-Men canon (Whatever happened to Adam-X?), the new volume kicks off yet another Hulk vs. Wolverine fight, hardly answering anyone's questions. Despite taking up a large chunk of the issue, this fight proves little more than a cold open. The story is primarily about Logan teaming up with the ultra-obscure mutant Jack O'Diamonds before Giant-Size X-Men #1's events. It all seems to be in service to explaining why Wolverine seemed so eager to ditch Department H in that game-changing issue, but the Wolverine written here sounds little like the character fans have come to know and love. The lively artwork does its best, but there's no salvaging this bore.

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