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X-Men: Before The Fall - Sons Of X #1

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A man of innumerable personalities and powers vs. the most powerful artificial intelligence in this universe: Legion vs. Nimrod! With Nightcrawler in Orchis’ clutches, David Haller and his allies will have to confront the mastermind who destroyed Warlock and nearly took Krakoa with him. But Nightcrawler is not himself… and Legion’s allies aren’t all they seem to be either. Mutant monsters roam the Earth… Banshee, broken once again, dreams of lost vengeance… Mother Righteous, her role in SINS OF SINISTER unrevealed, takes another stab at universal control… Si Spurrier and Phil Noto usher in new status quos for some of your favorite X-Men in this can’t-miss one-shot!

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  • 95


    Following up Sins of Sinister: Dominion is an unenviable task, and X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 shoulders this responsibility while serving as a finale to the Legion of X ongoing and setup for the upcoming series Uncanny Spider-Man. Not only does this issue adequately meet all these requirements, it naturally weaves them together and decisively introduces a sense of existential dread as the Fall of X approaches. Si Spurrier, Phil Noto, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Sarah Brunstad were given a massive task with this modestly-sized one shot, and they delivered.


    A one-of-a-kind one-shot, X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 is full of heart and dedicated to the value of hope over toxic faith. Spurrier and Noto deftly tackle several storylines, each one worth its own issue of exploration. Dark times have come for mutantkind once more, but hope may just be able to guide them through.

  • 92

    Comic Watch

    Si Spurrier is better at endings than he is at beginnings or middles, and in consequence, this issue was stronger than anything in either Nightcrawlers or Legion of X. The fact that both books were, ultimately, nothing but set up for the coming event does little to redeem the fact that the writing, until this issue, was less than great. This issue provided resolution by tying off the themes whose strands had been drawn far too tight, and while it was a bit disconcerting to hear Nightcrawler, of all people, say that Hope is ‘stronger’ than faith, it functioned reasonably well as a story. Seriously though, the fact that every mention of faith within this series has been offensively negative (from constantly referring to Kurt as a ‘God botherer’ (*waves hand the entire plot of Nightcrawlers and Legion of X*) is deeply problematic. Christianity, Islam, and (in this issue) Buddhism all get basted with the same tarry brush. At least Spurrier is equal-opportunity in his disdain.


    As for the art, well, Phil Noto’s work is better than eating a partially melted Lindt Chocolate after a hard day at work, and that’s a pleasure previously believed to be absolutely unequaled. His artwork elevated this story to a profound level, and the issue is recommended reading it solely for his contribution. There’s a painterly, considered quality to every panel that brings this world to life in a way that other artists (most highly skilled) can only dream about.

    Although this story was uneven, and the writer continued mishandling a few recurring themes, the extremely high quality of the art and the information about the upcoming Fall of X event made this story into an exciting, interesting read.

  • 77

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    So, what does this oversized issue of X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 tell us? Honestly, very little. Now, I’m sure it sprinkled in some clues for future events with Legion, Nightcrawler, Nimrod, and Mother Righteous. But, Spurrier’s confusing narration and storytelling in hopes to make this issue deeper than it needed to be caused this reviewer to struggle on multiple read-throughs. His structure is odd, and fragmented, yet still inspired by its context.

    Readers, Spurrier is a lot to handle, and X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 would be extremely difficult to dive into without knowledge of Spurrier’s style, tones, and of course Legion of X and Sins of Sinister. Therefore, if you venture into this comic looking for something new to wet your whistle, I think you’ll be mildly confused, to say the least considering I have half a mind to know what I think is going on anyway! Fans of Legion of X will love the heck out of X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 and should most certainly pick this bad boy up.

  • 70

    X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 is spinning as many plates as this laborious title for a one-shot would suggest – aiming to wrap up threads from both Legion of X and “Sins of Sinister” while laying the foundation for “Fall of X” and Uncanny Spider-Man. It’s a story aimed for an audience who already know what to expect and those in the know will appreciate the continuation, despite the clumsy delivery amidst so many overlapping events and relaunches. The issue focuses largely on Mother Righteous and unpacks various consequences and follow on effects through her influence. This ranges from final grace notes on discontinue plot threads to foreshadowing for grand events coming to the X-line soon, but they resemble an anthology with a clear throughline more than a single issue. Luckily, artist Phil Noto ensures that every step along the way is a pleasure to behold with stunning depictions of the beautiful and monstrous alike, all of which seem to glow. This is a chapter that will likely be better appreciated when collected as part of the “Fall of X” saga, but for now it’s an interregnum installment that gets the job done as well as it can amidst so many concurrent plot lines.

  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    X-Men Before the Fall: Sons of X-Men #1 is well-designed. The art is beautiful, and I love the brushstroke-type feel in some of the panels. However, I struggled to connect to the themes of the story. Hopefully, Nightcrawler’s self-imposed exile will become an exciting plot point.

  • 68

    Graphic Policy

    X-Men: Before the Fall Sons of X #1 isn’t bad and as a finale to close the books on previous storylines, it does a decent job. But, that seems to be all it does and some of that with a wave of a hand. Coming after an event like Sins of Sinister too, it all feels like an odd timing of release. Those who got hooked from that even will be lost by it all. This is one for those who have been reading these series up to this point only, new readers will want to stay away.

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