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X-Men '92 #2

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 2 critic ratings.

Ponder: The machinations of the Fenris Twins!

Fear: The terror of Alpha Red!

Relish: The X-Men of the ’90s, back in action!

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23 pages
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    Never has the X-Men franchise been in greater need of a series that can take the characters back to a simpler and more innocent period. X-Men ’92 satisfies that need and then some. This series captures the flavor of the early ’90s X-books without subjecting readers to their less desirable elements (overwrought dialogue, excessive continuity, etc.). It’s simply a fun X-Men comic that simultaneously pays homage to the classics comics and animated series while trying to inject some modern sensibilities into the mix as well. This goes for Alti Firmansyah’s art as well as the writing. The colorful costumes hearken back to the ’90s, but the expressive, almost cartoonish facial work gives the book a very loose and kinetic feel. This issue even has a brief meta moment as the characters acknowledge that they’re dealing with villains and situations they never would have been able to in the old cartoon. That combination of lighthearted charm and goofy self-awareness ensures that X-Men ’92 is more than just a by-the-numbers retro throwback.

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    Big Comic Page

    Issue two has a really good pace but takes a turn for crazy town with its ending. An iconic Universal horror monster is introduced, and it comes off very “Scooby Doo”-ish. I’m worried that the next issue will be something along the lines of Godzilla vs. (insert random monster here).

    Although this issue is a marked improvement from the last outing, I’m sad to say the book’s ending presents a tone that is,sadly, a little too “Saturday Morning Cartoon” for my taste.

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