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X-Men #17

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Based on 7 critic ratings.

As the new X-Men team brings deals with a seemingly unstoppable foe, one X-Man wrestles with the fact they’ve gone way too far, and another is shaken by unexpectedly getting exactly what they’d no longer allowed themselves to dream of.

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 94

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    I said it earlier in the review and I’ll say it again, the best single word to describe X-Men #17 is “brilliant”! All around the board, from creativity to story beats, top to bottom Duggan and Cassara have this series humming since this story arc began. HOPOX fans, as well as any X-Men fans that followed along with Synch and Laura, will love X-Men #17. Plus, fans that could care less about those two will still be captivated by the spectacular world developed by this creative team as well as innovative storytelling from top to bottom. Grab X-Men #17 over your lunch break. Don’t wait!
  • 90


    Several really fun and well-developed character moments make this a standout issue. The sci-fi and superhero stuff is already off the chain, and then Duggan finds the heart over and over again.
  • 85


    X-Men #17 is a solid character study of Forge's shifting priorities and allegiances, with a fascinating glimpse into the wonders of the Vault, a beautiful reunion for a tragic romance, and a setting that lets Cassara flex his impressive illustration skills.
  • 80


    I would love to see this series continue its upward swing. Some interesting elements are in play right now, and it keeps getting better.
  • 70

    X-Men's return to the vault takes some twists and turns, with Gerry Duggan furthering and resolving certain plot threads left dangling by Jonathan Hickman's exit from the X-Office. While these movements aren't as gripping as those founding ones, they're still stellar and open up plenty of new and exciting possibilities.
  • 70

    Comic Watch

    It’s the first full mission for the newly elected team, and first up was to save Darwin from the Vault, but what we ended up with was something completely different. The story didn’t hit quite how I expected it too, but there were moments that I needed from the characters here.
  • 30

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Men #17 is like digging through sewage to get a lunch box. There’s lunch, but everything stinks. Duggan is his usual terrible throughout the issue. Cassara and GURU-eFX aren’t up to their usual stellar, which is just plain weird. This book continues to be abysmal, but that’s not even surprising anymore.

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