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X-Men #15

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The Children of the Vault – hyper-evolved humans from a society whose time moves much faster than our own.

Each time the X-Men defeat them, they retreat to their home, evolving further to a new, more advanced generation.

This time, they will not be stopped so easily.

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 93

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    If you’re an X-Men fan, Duggan hits right at the heart of one of the best stories to come out of this developed Hickman Era. Sure, the love story aspect has been thrown to the wayside, however, Darwin hasn’t been forgotten! Moreover, Forge fans will love the science, scheming, and creative display surrounding the development of X-Men #15. The only knock I can really give the issue is that fans just jumping in should definitely read the issues pertaining to “The Vault” back in Hickman’s run, which I believe were X-Men #5 and X-Men #19 by Hickman. These will give fans a better foundation as to what they’re stepping into. So, fans that recently jumped on board with Duggan may be a bit confused. But otherwise, this story has the makings of something special. And this reviewer hasn’t been this excited about an X-book in months!
  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Duggan crafts an intriguing and entertaining story in this issue. I like the surprise reveals throughout the story and how the characters are utilized. I love the action throughout the plot and how it reveals the threat the X-Men face in the series. The story makes some great narrative choices and has time for humor before plunging into a story that keeps me engaged and intrigued to see what comes next. The Art: Cassara delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The art showcases fantastic visual action on every page.
  • 71

    Comic Watch

    It’s a bumpy start for the new team, with a rather lackluster handling of the adversaries, and schlocky dialogue for the regular cast. Giving Duggan the benefit of the doubt, but he’s got an uphill battle ahead of him.
  • 70


    While X-Men #15 is mostly a fluff issue, the issue it sets up should be far more interesting. Forge goes into the Vault to rescue Darwin and with that plot thread finally being touched on again, interesting developments are sure to follow.
  • 70

    X-Men crawls out of the shadow of Judgment Day for an issue focused on Forge and what he's been doing for the Quiet Council in secret. Having Joshua Cassara on art duties is a nice touch since it connects this issue to X-Force, where Forge has been featured previously. It turns out, that has to deal with the Children of the Vault, one of the X-Men's best and most underutilized antagonists.. Gerry Duggan presents them here as a force representing fascism, though the premise doesn't allow him to say much on the matter other than to comment on its insatiable nature. It's always a little disappointing when a comic spends a lot of pages on what turns out to be a false story used as a misdirect, even when it is executed well, and it is not executed particularly well here. Some of the other plot details are fuzzy as well, but Cassara delivers the visuals. It's ultimately an issue that is more likely to leave readers excited about what's coming next issue to satisfy in itself, but it's still not a disappointment.
  • 70


    The ongoing Children of the Vault storyline kicks off its next big chapter with this issue, which is all about exciting set-up.
  • 40

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Men #15 is yet another Duggan-written book. There's a good plot, but his execution of it is as poor as always. Marvel needs to stop putting A-list artists on this book and see if Duggan's writing can survive without amazing artistry. Cassara and GURU-eFX are brilliant, and Duggan does give them some cool stuff to draw, at least, but it's still a mediocre comic, and they deserve better.

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