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X-Force #47

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A SPECIAL ISSUE! X-FORCE REBORN! In the aftermath of COLOSSUS’ and BEAST’s revelations, X-Force must regroup. And before they tackle their next mission – they must marshal their forces at a new base at the ends of the world! But if the harsh arctic environment won’t do them in…perhaps ORCHIS will! Plus: Be here for QUENTIN QUIRE’s surprise discovery from the HELLFIRE GALA!

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25 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Derby Comics

    So this is what an X-Force book can feel like when we’re not focusing on Colossus and Mikhail?? What a complete 180 turn! Percy’s story feels fresh and meaningful for the first time in a long, long time and each team member gets a chance to have a moment. The issue serves as a welcome change of pace, offering a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs faced by mutants trying to rebuild their lives outside the nation of Krakoa, though I wish this happened months ago. This team’s ability to work together would have made a difference in the fight against Orchis and its a crime we had to watch Wolverine meander with random team-ups and Sage & Co. deal with the Russian roadblock. Give me more of this any day!

  • 80


    Fans with patience and interest in general mutant survival will love X-Force #47. It takes a while to get to its central conflict, but there’s a lot of table setting and establishing of mutants who we didn’t know survive popping up. That’s a win if you adore the Krakoan Age.

  • 60

    X-Force regathers their scattered forces in the arctic and X-Force #47 makes quick work of catching readers up on the various team members involved as they stage their inevitable fightback against Orchis. It’s impressive how quickly a new base of operations emerges, which offers more interest in the next X-event. Much of X-Force #47 is focused on quick responses from characters who have just been through the wringer. The primary focus is upon Wolverine which provides the sense that every person on the team is upset and impatient, but there’s still an underlying mission to offer some warmth. Although the big psychic spectacles and minor confrontations maintain suspense, their depiction leaves something to be desired in linework with an unfinished quality. X-Force is hurrying toward its ending and threatening to repeat its cycles from the last couple of years along the way, and it shows by the end of this issue

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