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X-Force #42

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BEAST’s epic long game plays out in the only way it could – with NIMROD’S ultimate plan successful, HANK McCOY survives and thrives! But what will this mean for mutantkind, and does X-FORCE still have time to stop it?

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    X-Force #42 offers the final form of Beast vs. X-Force in a slight let down to that part of the story. The visuals are good, and seeing what kind of world Beast’s vision could create proved intriguing, but the resolution is far too easy and quick for its own good.

  • 75


    Though Percy’s Beast story isn’t over yet (we’ll see how it goes in next week’s Wolverine), he comes as close as he can to resolving the major plots of his X-stories without leaving him no story to tell. It’s a largely satisfying ending, but he also gives us readers just enough that we want to see the last of what he’s setting up. He also bases so much of it in the characters that it’s impossible to not get invested, especially as Caramagna captures the back and forth of the dialogue perfectly.

    Davidson’s art has the grit that’s become the trademark of X-Force, but he does so much more. He fills the pages with ugly mutants, and then puts them in a cyberpunk nightmare. He paces the action through the layouts that no moment feels wasted, and the pace keeps up. His characters are expressive and Guru’s colors makes it all come to life.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    What the heck was the dang point of X-Force #42? It was the epitome of a Saturday Morning Cartoon adventure that amounted to absolutely nothing. A possible future romp that merely exposed the lack of continuity amongst the ongoing X-Men titles simply to showcase a cool amalgam of Beast and Nimrod. The story itself oozed with potential solely to be quickly torn down by an otherwise silly moment that later ushers our X-Force team back to the present. Truthfully, X-Force #42 proves that new blood needs to be on this title. The plot’s potential was trumped by its goofy culmination and inadequate storytelling. Readers, X-Force #42 is skippable and doesn’t affect the overall plot at all nor does it impact the other X-books. When you read a comic, you want to feel like the money you spend is worth it… and this just isn’t anymore.

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    The final vision of Beast’s potential dystopias arrives with Nimrod-Beast in X-Force #42; the alternate reality is another enjoyable riff that doesn’t overstay its welcome, but the rush to return to Krakoa just in time for the upcoming Hellfire Gala leaves “The Ghost Calendars” seeming incomplete. Readers will be familiar with the formula of this storyline and this issue does nothing to buck that model, although it may provide the most amusing climax in ending Beast’s reign. It arrives sooner than in past issues to allow the team to return and reframe their immediate threats. Yet those threats are only hinted at, for the umpteenth time, with seemingly no progress made even in the wake of this time-traveling kill-fest. With next to no effort provided in progressing the present status quo, the colorful diversions of the past three issues are made to feel just like that – diversions.

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