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X-Force #40

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The new team of COLOSSUS, WOLVERINE, DEADPOOL, OMEGA RED, SAGE and DOMINO must contend with BEAST’S plans… and the future!

A blast from their past will have readers talking, and sets the stage for the next era of X-FORCE!

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    Comic Watch

    The opening pages of X-Force #40′s story are pure, unbridled hilarity — especially if your secret dream is watching Deadpool verbally meta-sparring with a senile version of Quentin Quire. The tone of this comic teeters between humor and horror, without ever fully committing to either, leading to a romp that is the best kind of bonkers as our favorite squad of mutant murder machines is hurtled through a timey-wimey portal and into a future in which Beast is reluctantly worshiped as a god.

    In this desolate wasteland, brimming with furry, tentacled horrors, we meet the severed head of Wolverine (who leads the resistance while only being able to say, ‘Snikt Snikt’), a rag-tag group of future warriors, and a version of Colossus who is finally free of The Chronicler’s malevolent influence.

    Old Man Quire and Deadpool are the uncontested stars of this show. Still, every actor gets at least one good scene or spread, and the promise of more mayhem in future issues propels the story as X-Force works its way backward through time, slaughtering Beast in every incarnation.

    Guru-efx’s colors are layered and gorgeous, highlighting every power blast or suppurating pustule. Paul Davidson and Robert Gill work together well, allowing for a smooth transition between different continuums. Davidson, in particular, slathers on the gore.

    If horrific futures and hilarious dialogue are your entertainment weapon of choice, this is the story for you.

  • 80


    X-Force is heating up this week as we start a new story arc, have two new members on the team, and continue to see how far Beast will go for total domination. “The Ghost Calendars” also reintroduces Kid Omega to the team, but he’s no kid anymore. No, as we saw last issue, he’s very old and clearly time-jumping, but to where and why?


    X-Force #40 is a compelling look at how far Beast will go to win and how the ragtag crew of the X-Force can solve problems on the fly. It’s nice there’s a resolution to the issue, but it’s a bit too easy. That said, this series continues to take big swings, and for entertainment value, there’s plenty to enjoy.

  • 80

    Although X-Force #40 reads like it’s stalling for time before finally delivering whatever final confrontation with Beast is coming, it does so in the most entertaining fashion imaginable. “The Ghost Calendars” pulls X-Force’s revived roster into a dystopian future dominated by Beast’s ongoing schemes while revealing what Quentin Quire has been up to since his disappearance. It’s a well planned pay off for longtime readers and one that produces an excellent dramatic mixture of characters on the team and ones who play very well in this sort of “Age of Apocalypse”-style sandbox. The resulting adventure plays out in a familiar fashion, but the new nasty monster designs and blasted landscape make it an enjoyable set of action sequences. What’s more is that the upcoming chapters promise to set the stakes for that inevitable showdown with Beast very clearly. X-Force continues to improve its stock as it builds toward the series’ greatest conflict.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #40 kicks off a new story for this book in the best way possible. Percy takes a standard dystopian future story and throws a curveball into the mix, which is pretty great. All in all, this is a fantastic read thatll hook readers immediately.

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