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X-Force #36

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The Man With The Peacock Tattoo has had his sights on X-Force for some time, and when Domino, Deadpool and Omega Red embark on a mission, they will fall right into his clutches!

Be here for the first issue of the XENO saga finale, as the team closes in on the Man with the Peacock Tattoo, and the full breadth of his plans are finally revealed!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 97

    Comic Watch

    In short, this was an action-packed, beautifully drawn, incredibly well-written installment in a story that has never disappointed. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
  • 90


    Read X-Force #36 for the feel of what the original pitch was going for, as this is the smash-and-grab side of Krakoa. We get a cool covert operation, check-ins with key ongoing plots, and a reminder that something has got to give for various characters.
  • 84

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #36 is yet another fantastic issue. It picks up two different plots and does very well with both of them. It’s the kind of comic that does everything right - excellent plot, awesome action, brilliant character building moments, and an ending that drives up the stakes. This book has always been great, so it’s no surprise that this issue keeps that up.
  • 80

    While readers may find the immediate aftermath of X-Force #36, which ended with Beast in shackles and a genuinely horrifying black site prison exposed, to be anti-climactic, that disappointment won't last through the end of an impressive issue that shifts X-Force into a very promising gear. The immediate aftermath is overlooked in order to reflect a new status quo as the team prepares for another mission. That mission and its discoveries make for a tightly paced spy thriller with well-coordinated action sequences and some delightful bits of gore. Where it leads feels like a culmination of events that have been ongoing for three years of this series, and the future plans of Xeno promise the best may still be ahead for X-Force.
  • 73

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    X-Force #36 is ultimately a bit misleading, skips over story beats that feel as though they happened off-panel, and feels as though it leaves its “regularly scheduled program” to provide fans with a story they simply didn’t need yet. Moreover, the Deadpool jokes were flat, many of the panels were cluttered with dialogue, and the Man with the Peacock tattoo wasn’t shipped to us like we all thought he would be. Look no further than the solicit and cover to provide support for that angle. Readers, X-Force #36 feels like we should be having some type of trial for Beast after his actions. Instead, we get Beast back at work, the team giving him the “silent treatment”, and another raid on another Krakoan threat like any other issue. Sure, there are a few positive stories beats like the egg and Colossus that could amount to something more. However, after we waited FOREVER for this evil Beast thread to evolve only to see it fizzle and put off panel, what’s to say these plot threads won’t do the same? I can’t help but leave X-Force #36 disappointed.

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