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X-Force #34

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The planet Arakko is a new target for Arakkii pirate Sevyr Blackmore! But where there’s crime, there’s inevitably punishment. And that’s where X-FORCE comes in along with hired hands MAVERICK and the MERCS! But are even their combined forces up to the task of keeping these deadly warriors from overrunning the solar system?

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  • 87

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    X-Force #34 provides a rather compelling story in conjunction with a dark tale around Beast who seems to be “Breaking Bad”. Percy is pulling at some rather intricate and ingenious threads that should really lock readers’ interests deep into this series. Beast as a villain has so much potential. I would love to see Percy ironing this entire storyboard out in both Wolverine and X-Force. Moreover, it’s great to see Sage become more than this simple dashboard computer that pops in and out of each issue periodically. Percy is providing depth to the character that may hinder her for a bit. Nevertheless, I feel it will provide some context to what she’s been doing this entire time home the scenes while also connecting with her readers on another level.
    Sadly, the only real disappointment was a huge portion of the art this week that complicated the reading crammed the pages immensely, and made the X-Force #34 a bit difficult to read at times. The detail is great, however, enlarge the panels and choose some colors that make the comic pop. You can still provide a darker tone without muting the appearance and taking away the depth and texture of the issue. Overall, the story/ plot is going in the right direction and I highly recommend jumping back on this series.

  • 85


    X-Force #34 mixes things up with action montages, a brand new focus on some familiar characters, and the ongoing fall of Sage and Beast. This series continues to excel in continuing character narratives while dropping us into tense action sequences.

  • 84

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #34 does an excellent job of going into the next phase of the team. Percy is building something fascinating here and in Wolverine. Allen’s art is average, but GURU-eFX’s colors are wonderful. This issue balances plot, character, and action very well.

  • 80

    X-Force emphasizes the power behind the team in one of the series’ best issues to date. The plot is structured around a single mission that draws in many familiar faces from writer Benjamin Percy’s work on the X-line and that task provides plenty of bloodshed and excitement, but it’s not the purpose of this issue. It provides space to explore how the missions of foreign intelligence and national security have warped both Sage and Beast; it paints a striking portrait. Text pages are even used to great effect in telling a narrative with multiple layers; what could be defined as a “retcon” simply feels hidden until now. It’s an exciting and multi-layered examination of X-Force’s gruesome work and where it leads. What’s far more exciting is the threat that some of those blacker than black secrets are about to be exposed.

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