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X-Force #26

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DOMINO, KID OMEGA and WOLVERINE head back into the thresher to recover the precious cargo stolen from Krakoa! If the team can survive the volcanic eruption and stormy seas, there’s still the organization behind the plot—the reveal of which will have major ramifications on the next issues of X-FORCE! And the debut of the next wave of Mutant technology! Move over, Blackbird jet!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 98

    Comic Watch

    X-Force #26 is a quiet masterpiece in character-first storytelling, introspective and wise in its study of two of the X-Men’s most cantankerous personalities. You’d be wise not to miss this one.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #26 is so much better than its going to get credit for. Percy uses this two-issue story to talk more about relationships and how people help each other than anything else. It makes this story more than the sum of its parts and another example of why Percy is one of the better writers on the X-Men books right now. Gill and GURU-eFX make a great art team, gelling well. This issue shows why this book is versatile and adds more to all involved.

  • 80


    Unfortunately, the Krakoa age has seen the legacy of X-Force tarnished a bit. The initial concept was to take action. However, XENO has left the team of spies reacting after the fact. First there was what happened with Domino. Now they have intel and access to the island. Could there be a mole in the agency, a spy among them? Here is hoping the pity party doesn’t last long as the island nation of Krakoa and it’s inhabitants are depending on them.

  • 77

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    X-FORCE #26 continues to focus on WOLVERINE’S smitten behavior as well as Kid Omega’s emotional rollercoaster after his breakup with Phoebe Cuckoo. And sure, X-FORCE is searching for the missing babies. But what were they taken for? How did WOLVERINE let this new character pull the wool over his eyes so easily? And ultimately, what’s the purpose of this story arc? For that matter, will we ever learn anything more about Xeno? It just feels like we have more unanswered questions with a switch in focus on an aspect of the story that doesn’t appear to add much value… or at least not yet. Could it be in the future? Maybe. But then we need a better setup, better execution, and more material to give this story significance.

    Again, I thought Percy was building to something with the Colossus angle. However, it feels almost forgotten and months ago at this point. Overall, this is a serviceable issue with a heavy dose of Kid Omega if that happens to be your thing. Otherwise, you may want to pick up X-FORCE after this arc.

  • 60

    Resolving the surfing and kidnapping plots of X-Force #25 leaves X-Force #26 torn between two very different tones: those of a sincere buddy cop film and a latter Brosnan-Bond flick. The former works well with Kid Omega and Wolverine both delving into their feelings and rekindling the banter and charm that lit up Wolverine and the X-Men. The latter appears when sharks appear from nowhere to comical results in order to inject more action into a sequence. They overlap with obvious thematic observations about the very action readers just witnessed. It makes for an entertaining, if quite unbalanced affair.

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