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X-Force #25

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The island paradise of Krakoa has no shortage of beautiful vistas, but WOLVERINE’S tastes run toward the coves with the deadliest waves in the world! It will take more than a healing factor to survive this thresher as a previously unknown threat to mutantkind splashes down! Plus: A sea change for KID OMEGA and PHOEBE CUCKOO!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 84

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #25 seems like it shouldnt work at all, but Percy and company nail it again. Percy and Gill work very well together in this comic, and the sense of foreboding that they give readers with the beginning of the date scene is so great. X-Force continues to be one of the highlights of the X-Men line.
  • 80

    X-Force #25 delivers exactly what its cover promises: Wolverine goes surfing on Krakoa. That is absolutely a selling point for this title; it expands upon life in this new status quo and offers moments of introspection for a pair of its leads. Although there's not much action (beyond a perfectly over-the-top surfboard), this issue pays off one long-running subplot and establishes an exciting hook for what comes next. But above all else, it focuses on the individuals who comprise X-Force, traumatized folks seeking to channel their personal lessons into something of value. There's minimal schmaltz as it showcases (relatively) mundane activities or small details that could be forgotten beneath endless waves of spycraft plotting. This is the foundation that has made X-Force a consistent bright spot amongst the modern X-line, and its presentation of both Wolverine and Kid Omega showcase two excellent characters readers will likely be thrilled to follow for another 25 issues in this form.
  • 80

    Comic Watch

    X-Force #25 is a pure joy to read, taking time out from the black ops de rigueurfor some (kinda) laid-back surfing fun. Showing writer Benjamin Percy's range, there's no way to read this issue and not finish it with a smile on your face.
  • 78

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Percy crafts a good story in this issue and gives the reader a moment to delve back into the personal lives of the characters and those conflicts that haven’t been resolved. Quentin and Pheobe’s story is well done and I like the drama inherent in her predicament. Logan’s story is interesting, but there are some thematic issues I have with it especially how quickly he’s willing to trust in a group of people he’s never met before. The Art: Gill delivers some great art. With the story being more character focused instead of action based, the art delivers great character details and expressions.
  • 75


    X-Force #25 is not your usual superhero comic by any means. It balances an impactful and emotional subplot and a surfer story that generally works. This issue isn't so much about surfing as it is Wolverine's romantic nature of loving life, danger, waves, and mysterious women. It's just odd he didn't question some stranger coming to Krakoa simply to surf.
  • 74

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Every comic is someone’s first comic. To an individual looking to hop on board X-FORCE, this isn’t a very enticing issue as their first. Furthermore, after the prior exciting issues involving Man-Slaughter and even Colossus, X-FORCE #25 slams on the breaks to interrupt a storyline that was firing on all cylinders. Was it change for the sake of change? Beats me. And yes, I know stories take time to develop. However, what did we get this issue? Ultimately, X-FORCE #25 lacks depth, direction, and placed a powerful story on the back burner. Could this narrative build into something more? Sure. However, this week’s X-FORCE tale is missing the hook to keep me interested as this arc unfolds especially looking ahead to see the story continues in December and is missing from the January Solicits.

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