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X-Force #23

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BEAST’s best-laid plans invite a threat close to the heart…as the secret works of MIKHAIL are at last revealed! A key issue that will precipitate a dire change for Krakoa!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 92

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    X-FORCE #23 wasn’t too wordy and was super easy to follow. The plot will truly capture the reader’s attention and continues to develop the Beast storyline, as well as the Russian angle extremely well. Furthermore, the character motivations are pure, realistic, and show the corrupt nature of the human/ mutant spirit as well as their power dynamic. X-FORCE #23 was a fascinating and remarkable story this week that brings fans back to the strong writing of Percy and the vibrant art team that’s helped make this book a staple within the X-MEN continuity.

    One could even argue that X-FORCE’S themes and influences were based solely on showcasing that “good intentions” simply aren’t good enough. If you remember, I quoted above “The Road to Hell is paved in good intentions.” However, most people forget the second half of that quote. “The Road to Heaven is paved with good actions.” Percy continues to show “the bastard in charge” Beast who continues to make some very questionable decisions in the name of Krakoa. Granted, he’s not the only mutant. Look no further than the Quiet Council to see that this presumption stretches well beyond the pages of X-FORCE. Nonetheless, it’s this week’s tale that truly begins to get readers to question which side the mutants are on.

  • 89

    Comic Watch

    X-Force #23 is another ethically murky tour-de-force, balancing statecraft with black ops dirty tricks in a deliciously intriguing way. This book remains one of the crown jewels of the current X-Men lineup!

  • 84

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #23 opens up a new battle for the team and does so in an entertaining manner. Percy has been building these plots for a while, and seeing where he takes the whole thing is going to be a lot of fun. Coccolo’s art is outstanding, and GURU-eFX’s colors make the entire thing pop. X-Force #23 is a good beginning for a new story arc.

  • 80

    Manga Mavericks / All-Comic

    X-Force #23 is another good issue in the series that has been slowly building to the downfall of Beast. Benjamin Percy has a knack for writing good stories that have long term effects on characters we love. The art was superb and both colorist and penciler knocked it out of the park. X-Force is a force to be reckoned with.

  • 80


    X-Force #23 is a gory, exciting, and funny issue. It has the energy of a kooky ’80s comedy, but the violence of The Thing. It’s so dang weird for an X-Men book it’s a delightful surprise for your new comic book day pile.

  • 70

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall, this was an alright issue. Though again it feels like more of the long game with little being revealed. There were some great scenes and Mikhail is a highlight of the issue for sure. But I’m starting to lose my excitement for this series as it feels like this series is losing steam. It needs to pick up or it could lose me altogether.

  • 66

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Percy crafts a good story in this issue. There are some interesting and intriguing moments to be found, but the overall story is a little too slow. I couldn’t find much either in the characters or dialogue that was engaging and Beast’s lamentations about how he’s changed don’t feel particularly compelling. I liked the intrigue in the story, but too much of it feels like an attempt to force the audience to feel something. I didn’t. I didn’t hate the book, but I didn’t feel anything for either the characters or the situation.

    The Art: Coccolo does great work with the art in the issue. The characters look great and the action is interesting. I just wished the story was as compelling as the visuals.

  • 60

    Tensions increase between Krakoa’s black ops outfit, the mutants of Russia, the mysterious XENO in X-Force #23 – a comic that revels in uncertain power dynamics. It’s clear that every organization possesses their own motives and none of them (except, perhaps, XENO) are entirely aligned. This plays out in two very different scenarios as readers receive a peak behind Russia’s new, anti-mutant Iron Curtain as well as a peak inside Beast’s head. Both of these sequences provide a mix of action and intrigue, but develop little tension along the way as they re-establish dynamics readers are already familiar with alongside some additional detail. Beast’s increasing darkness transitioning from subtext to text adds no additional clarity on his perspective or ideology. In a similar vein, XENO being shown as one large fish in a pond with plenty of others doesn’t clarify how this changes the overall dynamics of X-Force as it continues. There is clearly a grand design with so many key ideas still developing from the earliest issues, but small touches aren’t enough to outline a vision and X-Force #23 is an issue that drifts as a solitary installment.

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