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X-Force #20

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It’s party time, but somebody’s got to work it. And when invited guests (and a few crashers) prove to be planted antagonistic agents, X-FORCE will need to get their hands dirty and keep this all under wraps… before anyone catches wind!

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  • 90

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #20 gives another view of the Hellfire Gala, showing what the security services do during diplomatic dinner- ensure security in more ways than one. Percy does a great job in this chapter, but by now, thats to be expected. Cassaras art is sensational, and all in all, this issue doesnt disappoint, with a nice cliffhanger leading into the next issue of Wolverine.

  • 89

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Fans of Percy’s X-FORCE will like the return to an old plot thread while long-time X-FORCE fans will relish the return of a longtime member” if only for a short time. Moreover, Percy continues to be one of (if not thee) best X-MEN related writers currently by flexing his writing chops in such a way that makes a stuffy GALA exciting and intriguing. If you’re all in on X-MEN, as well as the HELLFIRE GALA, this issue is for you.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Percy manages to infuse this story with the right mix of intrigue and humor. Having Deadpool attempt to crash the party is a great comedic moment and speaks to the complicated history he has with X-Force, Wolverine and Domino. I’m not sure I like the dark turn Beast is taking character wise, but it does show an interesting layer to his character. The story is great and an enjoyable addition to the Hellfire Gala storyline.

    The Art: Cassara does a great job with the art in this issue. Not only does the style of the art perfectly portray the tone of the story, but the characters and backgrounds are visually stunning.

  • 85


    X-Force #20 is an enjoyable issue thanks to its chaotic energy and its mixing of serious and silly. We all knew the Hellfire Gala was going to be a hot mess, but this issue surprises with some unexpected developments. Plus, it’s fun to see this team work a party rather than attend one.

  • 82

    Comic Watch

    This issue Percy brings us a delicious glass of what our chaotic X-Force is up to. From the exciting moment of Logan and Domino taking Deadpool down to Emma Frost confronting Sage on Terra Verde this was an excellent issue. I love when a team is able to provide themes from their current story arc in an event that flows with many titles. This is an extension of how great the x office works with each other. Can we talk about how Emma served it that entire issue!? With Emma being my favorite x-men member this right here is the gala event I have been eagerly waiting for and I am very well satisfied.

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall the Hellfire Gala continues to be a really fun and intriguing event. Emma’s perfect night is turning out to be a little less than perfect, but that makes for an even more interesting story.

  • 80


    Beast finally gets what’s coming to him. It’s mostly a very good story, with great art, even with a totally unnecessary and annoying Deadpool guest appearance.

  • 80


    The Hellfire Gala is an opportunity to return to some of X-Force’s greatest mistakes, from both the current series and distant past. Despite the colorful distractions of the Gala—wonderfully depicted with rich backgrounds and a fitting mix of cameo appearances and interactions—this remains as relevant an issue of X-Force as any other as it uses the wider event to tell its own story. It’s an issue about consequences and ego, which means Beast sits at its center. One info page in particular transforms his role as the series’ primary villain from subtext to text, and it’s clear that relatively brief adventures are set to have a tremendous impact on both the team and, likely, Krakoa’s future. That attention to detail combined with all of the frivolity and character moments contained herein speaks to what makes X-Force one of the most consistently engaging X-series, as well as the astounding construction of this one month, linewide event.

  • 75

    Multiversity Comics

    The Hellfire Gala is THE event of the year! It’s time to show the humans how mutants party…well, not all mutants. SOME mutants can’t boogie or show off the flashiest of outfits. In “X-Force” #20, the titular team is hard at work, trying to keep the Gala secure.

    It’s an interesting premise for sure and makes perfect sense. X-Force has been silently protecting Krakoa from the shadows (or trying to at least, one could debate how effective they’ve been), so of course they would be cast as the bouncers silently protecting the Hellfire Gala.

    Though the comic is somewhat removed from the party, it is very connected to the other comics. This is the second part or the second tie-in of the Gala. The events will be continued in “Wolverine” #13. The shipment of Shi’ar logic diamonds that Wolverine receives on Emma’s behalf will likely be revisited in another title. Again, readers see the same meeting between Quentin Quire and Iron Man that they saw in this week’s “Marauders”. Well, not quite the same. The dialogue is extended and different here. That connectivity, and departure from the events of the previous issue, could be seen as a strength or weakness of this issue. That’s up to the reader’s subjective opinion.


    A party for Krakoa means problems for X-Force in a fairly strong issue.

  • 60


    I liked this issue about as well as I liked the Hellions issue, though X-Force was slightly more interested in their own storylines than Hellions. All that stuff with Beast and Terra Verde flew right over my head. I could make out what was happening, but it didn’t hold my interest. I liked the character-based stuff much better. Like Wolverine avoiding the party and then getting into a fight with Deadpool, and Domino showing up to help kick his butt. That was fun. And adding a Deadpool subplot to the Hellfire Gala is a nice — if expected — touch. It makes sense that he would try something.

    Coming into this only interested in the Hellfire Gala part, this issue is just mildly entertaining. The writing and art are very strong, and there are some fun character moments. But the issue as a whole feels just distracted enough from the event that I don’t care as much as I probably should. That’s on me. I just didn’t think this issue on its own or as part of the Gala was all that interesting. It’s just a solid, well-made comic that probably does a lot to move X-Force’s story forward. It doesn’t do much for the Hellfire Gala.

    Another good enough chapter of the Hellfire Gala.

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