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X-Force #17

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Death gives QUENTIN QUIRE a new lease on life.

Long live Quentin Quire!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 94

    Comic Watch

    Emotional beats…that’s what this issue hits perfectly, Benjamin Percy narrows his lens to focus very sharply on Quentin Quire who has become X-Force’s Kenny and died so many times it’s actually gotten embarrassing for Kid Omega and started to take an emotional toll. I very much like the idea of dying so much taking a toll on a character as it actually gives those deaths a gravitas that moves beyond the whole “death is meaningless” trope which a lot of critics of this era like to to throw around as a reason its not good. Percy brilliantly digs into Quentin’s personality and uses the introspection focused through the use of Phoebe Cuckoo to reveal the hidden pain and need that the normally arrogant Quire character carries. That’s the clever thing about this issue, it uses that emotional introspection to show that behind the arrogance and bravado there is a very real and flawed individual that uses this arrogance to hide the truth about how he really feels but that he is despite that veneer very much a good person and that he is looking for a way to bring that to to the surface. It may be my favorite Kid Omega issue ever.

  • 90

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #17 puts a spotlight on Kid Omega, and its wonderfully done. Percy digs into the character, reinforcing who he is for readers familiar with him and giving readers who arent what they need to know about him. He also introduces a nice little mystery into the proceedings. Cassaras art does a great job with the visuals, as usual. X-Force continues to be one of the best of the X books.

  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Percy crafts a fun and intriguing story for Kid Omega in this issue. The character is given a chance to grow and evolve and his journey both from his youth to his many deaths is engaging to the reader. I found myself both entertained by the humor in the story as well as connected to the character and his struggles.

    The Art: Joshua Cassara delivers some beautiful art in this issue. With the story being character focused, Cassara does a great job of making character moments have a sense of intimacy.

  • 88

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Percy has been hinting at something secretive involving Kid Omega and it finally hits home with some possible answers in this issue. It’s dubious, thrilling, and digs down so deep it’s found a way to survive resurrection protocols, which is nuts! Furthermore, sprinkled over top the story was a certain intensity and passion that only Cassara could convey to spice up X-FORCE #17 while elevating Quentin and this issue to problems that are brewing beneath the surface within Krakoa. And readers, these problems run deep. Percy continues to lead the charge with one of the best X-MEN titles on the market. Simply put, you must have X-FORCE in your pull list if you want to follow anything X-MEN related.

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    This book was an exciting dive into the life of Kid Omega. I am really excited to see where this mystery goes. I would totally be interested in more spotlight issues if they are as fun as this one was.

  • 80

    X-Force #17 reads in a similar fashion to Excalibur #18 this week in that it’s all about establishing a mystery that goes unsolved, but X-Force develops its mystery while carefully developing one of its central characters, which makes the issue much more satisfying on its own Quentin Quire has played the egotistical bad boy for a long time and these pages provide him with some very necessary depth. His romance with Phoebe exposes tenderness and unlocks much of what drives the young, omega-level mutant in a sympathetic fashion. Touches of humor and action surrounding his seemingly unending deaths add that typical X-Force flair, while still allowing for a date filled with sensitivity and nuance. That’s not to too mention a cliffhanger that quickly draws this detour into one one of the series’ longest running subplots in a manner that will leave readers with nothing but a blend of anticipation and anxiety when awaiting issue #18.

  • 80


    This books continues to be one of the most consistent reads each month. It’s a stylistic throwback to the X-books of the 80’s and 90’s, with the modern themes and characterization that makes it a hit.

  • 75


    Quentin Quire has been a weird character in the Hickman era, an Omega level mutant who keeps dying over and over despite his immense power. X-Force #17 examines Quentin’s place on Krakoa and does some character work into discovering the inner workings of his mind.


    Quentin’s new lease on life is an interesting read, and seeing Percy dig into his subconscious to find out what makes Quentin tick is some good character work — probably the best in the X-Force series thus far. The final pages include a revelation involving a familiar face for those who have been keeping up with the series thus far. On its own, X-Force #17 is good, but it does the threadwork for far more exciting things to come.

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