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X-Force #16

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FORGE, WOLVERINE and QUENTIN QUIRE brave the depths of the sea, where a deadly discovery reveals a dark side of KRAKOA.

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  • 100

    My ideal issue of superhero comics is one that effortlessly blends its overarching thematic drive with the action and intrigue of its story. Most series offer both, but it’s rare to see them woven together as naturally as they are in X-Force #16. As the team prepares to address a parasitic growth in the ocean, that very problem draws out metaphors for Krakoa and its foreign intelligence service’s greatest harms. Beast’s fascination with weaponizing a flaw, rather than addressing its harm, clarifies where this series is heading and analogies to tumors make for a potent critique of this team and its very real sources of inspiration. In the midst of so many clear thematic expressions is a thrilling deep sea adventure featuring engrossing layouts and stunning panels from artist Joshua Cassara. Four long vertical panels create a clear sense of depth and a rapid descent formed by individual figures and coloring, and the one splash page in X-Force #16 earns every bit of space it consumes. X-Force has been a consistent source of quality and depth throughout the “Dawn of X” and makes it clear in issue #16 that this standard will only be improved during “Reign of X.” It is an outstanding achievement on its own and one that enhances the entire line of comics surrounding it.

  • 93

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    X-FORCE #16 was totally unexpected and wildly entertaining. Percy delivers nonstop action, cool new toys, special guest stars, character development, and stunning plot twists that will deeply captivate X-MEN fans while flirting with new questions and ideas that could be staples for the future of the series.

  • 93

    Comic Watch

    This issue is a fun undersea romp that captures the atmosphere of a “terror from the deep” themed storyline perfectly through brilliantly drawn and colored art while making sure to pay attention to character voice and dialogue accuracy through the writing. X-Force continues to be a consistently well written and illustrated comic that knows exactly what it is and has fun doing it.

  • 85


    Since mutants formed their own nation-state, the idea of “security” has been a necessarily fraught one. What does it mean to guarantee security for a people who can resurrect themselves? What license does it give the people’s protectors to hunt internal threats?

    The fulcrum for these debates in the Krakoa era is X-Force, where writer Benjamin Percy (Wolverine, Green Arrow) and artist Joshua Cassara have made a monthly exercise out of showing the latest despicable thing that Hank McCoy has done in the name of “security.” Beast is no longer a heroic character. He’s not even a particularly redeemable character, but his moral decline is central to Percy’s story and a reminder that Krakoa’s threats stem from within as much as without.


    The long game Percy has with Beast is among the more compelling threads of this second era of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men relaunch. Reign of X, which has its own ominous connotation, is about “foundation” and “expansion,” Hickman told AIPT’s Chris Hassan in a recent X-Men Monday interview. How does Beast play a part in that wider world? Will anyone credibly challenge him?

    Seeing what Beast has become, I was reminded of that scene in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men when a very different Hank, recovering from Cassandra Nova’s psychic torment, mournfully says, “I’m so scared I’ll just wake up some day like Gregor Samsa in his bed and find I’ve mutated into a bug or a virus.” He’s mutated into something much worse.

  • 84

    You Don't Read Comics

    X-Force #16 is a little heavy handed with the metaphor at its center, but Percy makes up for it with the deft character that has become his stock in trade. The issue is also pretty exciting, with Cassaras art looking great and really getting across the gravity of the situation. X-Force continues to impress and has quickly become one of the best X-Men books being published.

  • 75


    X-Force continues to be an exciting read each month, and asks some of the darker questions about building a nation that the Krakoan era of X-Men needs.

  • 70

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall this was a fun, creepy and exciting read. It was a great change if pace, if only for one issue.

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