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X-23 (II) #5

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What does Mr. Sinister have to do with Laura’s past and how is Miss Sinister trying to influence her future? Caught between a dead man and a dangerous woman, Laura must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice for answers.

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    X-Man's Comic Blog

    Okay, there’s one VERY important thing that everybody needs to know right off the bat… Mr. Sinister is probably my FAVORITE X-villain. When written correctly Magneto takes that top-spot(you know, when Mags is actually acting EVIL, not like a lapdog), but for all those times when Mags is the Chris Claremont created-wimp, Sinister takes the cake. When Sinister was killed, and then reborn in the body of a woman, I was pretty upset… No, scratch that, I was PISSED! I mean seriously, how does giving one of the X-Men’s greatest villains a sex-change benefit ANYTHING? Coincidentally, that was right around the time I dropped Mike Carey’s awful X-Men: Legacy series, because that was too much for me to deal with. So now I’ve established that I am quite the fan of Mr. Sinister… Good, now let’s move back to this comic. Marjorie Liu did a great job here of setting the scene and making Miss Sinister into an almost sympathetic character. She seemed like she legitimately cared about the children(Sinister’s experiments)and didn’t want to see any harm come to them, while also laying seed of doubt that Miss Sinister wasn’t also up to some secret nefarious agenda. So this issue, while a bit slow in places, was REALLY good. But then I turned to the last page, and this comic went from REALLY good to borderline great! If Mr. Sinister officially returns, and retakes his proper place as one of the X-Men’s most crafty villains, this issue in particular, and this storyline in general will be one I’ll remember for years to come… I’m counting on you, Marjorie Liu… Please don’t let me down!

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    I just wish the art team could remain a little more consistent. Will Conrad is joined this month by David Lopez. Lopez’s work isn’t bad in and of itself, but he doesn’t quite mimic the dark, heavy lines of Conrad’s work, and the shift from Conrad to Lopez late in the book is pretty jarring. Annoyingly, Conrad’s name is also attached to Secret Avengers this week, suggesting the problem isn’t so much about maintaining a schedule as it is juggling multiple assignments. Let’s hope Conrad is able to resume full duties on this series soon.

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