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World's Finest: Teen Titans #2 (of 6)

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Welcome to Metropolis, Wonder Girl! Hoping to reconnect with her human roots, Donna Troy leaves Themyscira for the City of Tomorrow. There she meets Mal Duncan, a young man with the makings of a true hero. And just in time, too-the Titans will need all the help they can get as they investigate a cry for help that leads them to a haunted house that is not what it seems!

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    The second issue, World’s Finest: Teen Titans #2 continues to show why this series came at the right time. The mini-series hits on all the right notes of a great Teen Titans story. So far, it seems each issue seems to be a one-off that has its own plot, allowing the series to remain engaging by being a low-investment concept that has been very entertaining. World’s Finest: Teen Titans #2 is a great continuation that ends with an exciting premise for the halfway point in the series.

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    Graham Crackers Comics

    Mark Waid and Emanuela Lupacchino prove that the first issue was not a fluke! Revisiting those weirdie stories from the early 1970’s before the original Teen Titans title took that 4 year hiatus. Even Chris Samnee and Matheus Lopes’s cover takes some inspiration for issue #34. The best part of this title is the characterizations of the young Titans. Speedy messing with Aqualad, Wonder Girl’s fascination with all things, the return of Lilith and Gnarrk (WHO DOESN”T LOVE GNARRK?!) But beyond all the Titan tomfoolery, this is a story about real people dealing with real problems. And the best part is there is a happy ending, of sorts. These are the kind of tales that I grew up on and because of this title, I realise how much I’ve lost over the years.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    While the “big bad” of the issue isn’t a household villain, the strength of the issue is the interaction with the team members. Waid shows his love of the 60s era of the Teen Titans incorporating team members in the story organically in a way that makes sense while keeping them as core foundational aspects of the team.

    The team dynamics are a treat with Speedy subtly and overtly joking on his teammates; Karen meeting Mal, Aqualad getting accustomed to Wonder Girl’s idea of fun and Robin trying to be a teen and not just channeling Batman.

    Lupachino’s artwork carries a softer style that works beautifully for these characters and the lower stake battles. There’s a realistic flow to Lupacchino’s character’s movements that make them graceful and help convey their personalities. Kid Flash tends to lean in arm around shoulder to show his affable nature while Aqualad tends to be stiffer and more uptight, and Donna is freer and more expressive. Paired with Jordie Bellaire’s sensational colors and Steve Wands’ strong lettering and the art more than holds it end.

    WFTT is already proving to be a worthy spin-off to BSWF. Now if only DC sees the full potential in making this an ongoing series…

  • 92

    Comic Watch

    Waid and ELup continue with this fun little romp with the original teen team, bringing a story that delves into their past, building this team’s foundation with a modern spin. Emanuela’s artwork just enhances every scene, making the book as close to a masterpiece as you can get.

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    Geek Dad

    This issue might suffer a bit from its release date, coming so close to the many Knight Terrors minis that deal with similar concepts of heroes being forced to confront their worst fears. The psychic horror show that this girl creates preys on many of the insecurities of the young Titans, particularly Garth’s fears of being a freak and an outsider, and Donna’s fears of never truly belonging to either world. The scenes of her finding herself back on Themyscira are genuinely upsetting, and do a lot of good work to fleshing out her character—something she’s needed for a very long time. It’s nice and creepy, but it’s also rather hopeful once we get to the resolution. However, it’s clear that for all the hopeful moments, there are some fractures emerging in the team. Donna is dealing with serious anxiety issues, Robin and Speedy’s rivalry seems to be escalating, and next issue is… TitansCon? This continues to be a blast, just like the parent series.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Mark Waid and Emanuela Lupacchino take what they established in the first issue and improve on it in every way with World’s Finest: Teen Titans #2. The focus is given to Donna Troy, Garth, Roy Harper, and Karen Beecher. In the process we see how Waid and Lupacchino continued to modernize the original Teen Titans adventures while maintaining what makes this team so beloved.

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    Mark Waid has found a knack for creating modern takes on classic super heroes, without losing the cores of each character and perhaps nowhere is that better demonstrated than in his World’s Finest line. While Batman/Superman tends to focus on the superheroics of the DCU, the Teen Titans throws in day to day exploits for the young heroes, to glorious effect. The characters here are infectious, especially with the likes of Donna Troy and Garth having wildly different reactions to the modern world from their respective homelands. All the characters are three dimensional here and the main threat of the issue works to further unpeel their character traits and their respective struggles without feeling like exposition. Once again, World’s Finest remains the gold standard for DC Comics and I’m crossing my fingers that the trend continues.

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    First Comics News

  • 90

    Derby Comics

    It’s ironic that Waid managed to write a better Titans story about nightmares than the current Titans Knight Terrors tie-in while the event is still happening. That may speak more to the underwhelming first half of Knight Terrors Titans but it shouldn’t take away from the near-perfect issue that Waid wrote in WORLD’S FINEST TEEN TITANS #2.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    World’s Finest: Teen Titans #2 improves on the first issue by bringing the team together to find a missing girl in a spooky house. Instead of crafting the Titans version of a Scooby Doo adventure, Waid delivers a mature, emotionally resonant plot. Waid is doing something unique with this title, don’t sleep on it.

  • 81

    Multiversity Comics

    Regardless of the reason, Waid and Lupacchino are delivering a book that feels relevant to today and also revelatory about the characters in it, which is not typically something you get from a series set in the past. Whether its Donna Troy’s naiveté, Garth’s reluctance to let loose, or Robin’s struggles with leadership, this book is giving a really insightful peek into the past of the Titans, whenever that is.

  • 80


    ComicsOnline recommends this issue to fans of the Teen Titans, but especially to those fans who have young teens in their lives. Stories like this, relating normal teenagers and their issues to these larger-than-life heroes, are a great way of sparking important conversations that may be awkward and difficult but are altogether important ones to be able to have.

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    Dark Knight News

    World’s Finest: Teen Titans #2 feels different from any teenage superhero story currently on the market. Often adolescent superhero tales are full of angst and drama, setting a moody tone. Waid and Lupacchino take a different approach; while there’s still relationship drama, the series lacks all the normal teen angst.

    Even in an issue all about characters’ greatest fears, the series feels lighter than the average teenage superhero story, largely due to the aesthetics of the series. There’s something about Silver Age costumes that really bring out the bubbles and sunshine in a book, and this story’s is no different.

    Final Verdict: Imagine nutritious cotton candy…

  • 80


    I can’t wait for more of this book. The ending is super fun, and leaves a lot to look out for!

  • 70


    ‘World’s Finest: Teen Titans’ #2′ is a rather uninspiring issue after it’s zippy debut. Wonder Girl and Aqualad are the characters who are the main focus for this issue, along withe mystery of a strange and haunted house. Certainly an issue that seems to favour character development over story. And even that’s minimal.

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