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Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 (of 3)

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The second installment of the jaw-droppingly ambitious history of the Amazons finds their future queen, Hippolyta, cutting a swath through the world of men, desperate to be reunited with the astonishing women who saved her life…but unfortunately for her, they’re hard folk to find. Perhaps it is the will of the Goddesses that they cross paths again…but before that moment, Hippolyta will gather to herself a tribe of her very own-and find that the hearts of all women do not necessarily burn with a flame as righteous as her own…

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    Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 is unlike any other comic on the stands. It offers readers a chance to see something truly special in a narrative about the Amazons never before told or seen. Drawn in a way that will leave you breathless, Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons should be on your pull list to see history being made.

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    Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 may not push the envelope as much as the issue that came before it, but it’s just as worthy of a comic book. It still pushes the very boundaries of the medium as it solidifies its footing as an all-time great. DeConnick’s reimagined world here is exemplary storytelling, supported wonderfully by Ha’s line work. Despite using characters we’ve seen countless times before—including gods that have appeared in stories for millennia—this team continues to make something entirely new, a true testament to just how great this title is. Two issues in, and this series’s spot amongst the pantheon of sequential greats is all but guaranteed.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    DeConnick’s re-imagining of the origin of the Amazons continues to refine a story that echoes back over 80 years to Marston and Peter’s original tale. Every time the story gets told again, it’s a bit different. This time around, it feels much more firmly rooted in ancient Greek mythology legends than it ever has before. (The issue even opens with prayers to the seven goddesses.) There is a powerful gravity to this history that echoes through the second volume in the series.

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    Forces Of Geek

    In short, go get this comic now. If you missed book one, get ‘em both. Then tell your friends to get theirs. This is a classic in the making. I said this before, and I say it again.

    Part one of this DC Black Label reimagining of the Amazons’ history arrived last fall with strong excitement from yours truly. A prestige-format story of Wonder Woman lore from the Kelly Sue DeConnick, who combines righteous feminist rage with next-level storytelling that wraps you within the world she creates? Someone whose stories stew in their anger, and you know that anger is justified, while also filled with a love of humanity that wants so much better for women the world over to be full human beings?

    The second issue gives you all of that, and so much more. Six of the Olympian goddesses, save Hera, set out with their tribes of daughters to restore justice in a world dominated by men in which women collectively are treated as property and prey. As the Amazons’ exploits spread throughout the misogynistic world, killing rapacious men in the night, they’ve attracted a follower: a young woman named Hippolyta.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: DeConnick crafts a brilliant story with wonderful characters and a great plot. There are big ideas happening throughout the book and those ideas are compelling and engaging. The dialogue is wonderful and there is a sense of wonder and passion throughout. I love how this story unfolds and there are moments of great tension that enhance the drama and draw you in to this world.

    The Art: Gene Ha delivers some stunning visuals on every page of this issue. There are stylistic choices that please the eye and evoke emotion from the reader. A stunning visual journey that had me enraptured.

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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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    Monkeys Fighting Robots

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    Geek Dad

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