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Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1 (of 3)

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The wait is over, and the entire story of the Amazons can finally be told! Millennia ago, Queen Hera and the goddesses of the Olympian pantheon grew greatly dissatisfied with their male counterparts…and far from their sight, they put a plan into action. A new society was born, one never before seen on Earth, capable of wondrous and terrible things…but their existence could not stay secret for long. When a despairing woman named Hippolyta crossed the Amazons’ path, a series of events was set in motion that would lead to an outright war in heaven-and the creation of the Earth’s greatest guardian! Legendary talents Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez unleash a reading experience the likes of which you’ve never seen, with unbelievably sumptuous art and a story that will haunt you-with subsequent issues featuring art by modern masters Gene Ha and Nicola Scott! One of the most unforgettable DC tales of all time begins here!

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Kelly Sue DeConnick has crafted a truly epic tale in this first volume. The story is rich in detail, character and complexity. It is a compelling story that is highly engaging. I love the style of the storytelling as well as the beauty of the language. DeConnick brings in the reader and dazzles with great world building, storytelling and emotional stakes. I am in awe of this first volume and cannot wait for the next one.

    The Art: Phil Jimenez dazzles with the brilliant design of every page of this issue. There are some truly magnificent visual moments to be found throughout this issue and I was stunned as the story progressed.

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    Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. At long last, DeConnick and Jimenez have released the first part of their highly anticipated mini-series—and it only takes the flip of a front cover to realize it’s been well worth the wait. The script for this oversized debut recalls the earliest days of Themyscira, about how the island—and subsequently, Wonder Woman—came to be. DeConnick weaves an incredible tale using pieces from classic mythology while spinning it to fit into the overall DC narrative, and it’s an incredible sight to behold. On top of that, you have an artist like Jimenez who turns out career-best work on every single page. The lineart is downright incredible, and his layouts create a masterful work of art. The story is important, and the artwork is gorgeous. It’s easy to throw around the superlatives, but there’s no denying this—Wonder Woman Historia #1 is one of the best comics you can pick up this week. In fact, I’d go so much to guess this issue’s going to find itself atop many year-end comics lists. Rightfully so, because it’s sequential art done perfectly—a new standard the medium should aim to achieve.

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    Comic Watch

    The wait for this book is finally over, and the final product is a lush, chaotic, staggering, and horrifying at the same time. Kelly Sue’s vision for the gods are very loyal to their mythological counterparts, combined with Phil Jimenez’s art, it’s a book I couldn’t stop looking at. I immersed myself into this world fully, and each page was more impressive than the last. If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, Greek mythology, or new to comics, be prepared to be dazzled.

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    Comic Crusaders

    The pages are sprawling, the mythologies are deep, and the feminist case that the Goddesses’ have against males are enough to carry a great conversation in a Human Sexuality course. Scratch that, enough to teach an entire Human Sexuality course – and this is only Book One! “Historia: The Amazons” deceivingly looks like a storybook, but in actuality carries multitudes featuring some of the best work that a comic book legend who drew the titular icon during her golden years has ever put to page, whether pencil or paint. “Reunited and it feels so good …”

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    Major Spoilers

    Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1 is a comic book that makes no attempts to be accessible to anyone. It is a bold, abstract, surreal, massive, and intense, and it makes no apologies for that. Not only has the writing captured the grand scale that stories about gods and myth tend to lack, it backs that up with visuals that could be sold on their own without any story and still demand a premium price.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    It took quite some time for this volume to make it to the comics rack. It was well worth the wait. The next issue won’t make an appearance until the other side of winter. If that second volume looks and reads anything like the first, Spring of 2022 couldn’t come soon enough.

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    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1 is a poignant and beautiful triumph of a comic. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez craft what may be the best work of their careers in this mythic piece of storytelling. DeConnick’s topical and powerful script reads like a piece of timeless mythology that sets up later chapters while still feeling like a story in itself. Jimenez and the colorists craft a comic that transcends the rules of comic book direction to make something indescribably mesmerizing. This is an absolute triumph of a comic.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

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    Zona Negativa

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    Geek Dad

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