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Wonder Woman #6

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Wonder Woman against her greatest foes! After thwarting each threat that the Sovereign has thrown at her, he decides to bring in the biggest guns the DCU has to offer. Let the battle royale begin! Plus, the Super Sons’ bedtime story goes wrong!

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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Geek Dad

    Diana’s rogues gallery rarely gets much attention, but King has put them together in a story that will likely serve as the definitive tale for many of them—as well as for showing off Diana’s boundless strength and grit in a way few tales have.
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    This issue is such a well balanced experience and readers who have been following this run will definitely feel like its a grand ending to the first arc. There is still much of the journey ahead, but readers will have to wait until Wonder Woman #8 releases to see what happens next.
  • 100


    This already excellent, gorgeous comic blows itself out of the water for a truly awesome superhero/villain battle issue!
  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: King delivers an action filled and incredibly thrilling adventure in this issue. I continue to enjoy the narrative choice of having the story being told by the villain because you get the sense that there is an admiration for Diana among the animosity towards her. The story has some fantastic moments for the character as well as a continuing mystery that continues to get my attention. The Art: Sampere delivers beautifully detailed and visually thrilling action throughout the issue. I love the visual style of the story and how Sampere draws the characters and their actions.
  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Wonder Woman #6 is a real show of strength. The book presents Wonder Woman with one of her greatest-ever tests against a collection of her greatest foes. The tone and the near-constant fight scenes are magnificent. The exhaustion caused by having to fight enemy after enemy is palpable and perfectly written. In the last several issues, King has cemented Wonder Woman as one of DC’s mightiest heroes on its roster and certainly the most durable. Sampere is known for beauty as an artist, but this issue has also demonstrated his ability to depict brutality.
  • 85


    Wonder Woman #6 is a shining beacon on the hill for superhero comics. This is how you make a hero empowering, truly pure good, and beloved. Wonder Woman is inspirational, sublime, and moving.
  • 80


    One could certainly argue the comic veers into overkill in showcasing the beating Diana can take and keep getting up again, in some ways it feels like a Superman story, but even so it’s impressive nonetheless ending with Wonder Woman collapsing in sheer exhaustion only after defeating all challengers, even Grail who lasted far longer than the rest. But don’t fret about the Sovereign getting their hands on her, as the narration foreshadows, Wonder Woman is far from finished as despite all their preparation her enemies have still underestimated their opponent.
  • 60

    Graham Crackers Comics

    Writer Tom King can write a good Rogues Gallery battle when given the opportunity. And while we’ve got some good battle scenes drawn by Daniel Sampere, we are still stuck in this retreaded 1986 Legends plot with Amazon, especially Diana, being the cause of the world’s evils. And while the Sovereign directs from the shadows, as it should be, it just seems like he’s being wasted. However, I still am interested to find out if he is somehow related to the old Freedom Fighters villian from the 2010 series. And while I’m being honest, I’m sort of done with the Trinity kids’ backup feature. The first few were cute but now I’m getting the impression that these are being used to keep the characters in front of us so that when DC reboots again in the near future, the newest Wonder Woman #1 will be featuring her and Diana will be ignored for a while. At least, until the next reboot.
  • 50

    Comic Book Revolution

    When it comes to delivering a cinematic experience in comic book form there is no one that does it better than Daniel Sampere. The artwork in Wonder Woman #6 is absolutely stunning. It makes the fact that Tom King’s intrusive writing doesn’t work to enhance the wonderful choreography created by the artwork that much more jarring. The book report-style writing drags down both the story and villain that King has been trying to build up this entire time.
  • 40

    Let's start with the positives: Wonder Woman #6 is stunning. Daniel Sampere's art is absolutely astounding on literally every single page and it is particularly glorious during the issue's copious fight scenes. But once you get past the beautiful exterior, this issue lacks, much in the way that King's run thus far has. This has been an extremely tedious run and now that we finally get this giant battle and all of this setup for The Soveriegn, it feels like we should have gotten to this point sooner, maybe one or two issues back. This has just been a lot of filler and to an extent, this issue itself feels like filler, padded with fights to drag things a bit further to disguise from the fact that we are six issues in and it's still unclear where exactly this story is going or what it was even about. We started with anti-Amazonian sentiment but where are we now? The issue is also not even about Wonder Woman, as King spends the issue entirely by offering narration by The Soveriegn. It almost seems like King doesn't understand or even want to understand Wonder Woman so instead of writing her, he writes around her, putting on a dreadfully slow song and dance in the hopes that readers won't notice. And we even get someone looking sad in the rain to top it all off. It's tiring.
  • 40

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Wonder Woman #6 looks fantastic, and the issue-long battle is amazing, but the plot is going nowhere, nothing of importance happens, and the Sovereign's overwritten narration has overstayed its welcome by three issues. If King didn't have a knack for tapping killer artists, this series would be a complete dud.
  • 30

    DC Comics News

    The appeal of this series is to readers who are easily impressed by superficial ideas and manufactured drama and for those who aren’t really familiar with Wonder Woman and her supporting cast and world, readers who are just familiar with the idea of Wonder Woman. I guess that describes King as well, since that’s what he’s given us. For those fans of Wonder Woman who know what a Wonder Woman story is supposed to be like I recommend the previous run by Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad or the post-Crisis George Perez era.

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