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Wonder Woman #797

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The Revenge of the Gods continues in this can’t-miss tie-in! After Diana’s shocking choice to align herself with the gods, her world has changed. Could godhood be the answer to all her problems? Find out as Diana ascends! Plus, don’t miss a special Shazam story starring the new champion!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    The final sprint to the end of Conrad and Cloonans run on Wonder Woman feels like its going to be an intrepid triumph. The writing team is pacing everything thoughtfully while still keeping the energy rolling. (The sudden reappearance of Ratatosk is a welcome addition to the issue as well.) Campbells continuation of Mary Marvels journey is a well-conceived back-up that integrates nicely with the rest of the issue.

  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Wonder Woman #797 is a great continuation of the “Revenge of the Gods” story and features a great horror-themed main story complemented by an equally wonderful second tale, and sets up perfectly for Wonder Woman and Mary Marvel’s stories to continue in Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods #2.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Tying in to the ongoing Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods miniseries, this is also the final arc of the Cloonan/Conrad run as we get ready to shift to the Tom King era. That sets the stakes high—for both the creators and the characters. When we last left off, Diana, had cut a bargain with her nemesis Hera to ascend to Godhood—only to be betrayed and find herself in a typical torture environment of the Greek Gods, bound by her own lasso and guarded by an army of ancient beasts. She’s only saved from a horrible fate by the arrival of the mysterious Stranger, a cloaked man who seems to know a lot about the Gods yet seems to be completely uninterested in explaining anything about himself. (…) On the other hand, the backup by Josie Campbell and Caitlin Yarsky is worth the price of admission on its own. Continuing the tale of Mary Marvel as the (now co-) bearer of the power of Shazam, it’s a fast-paced blast as Mary encounters the Amazons in the middle of a massive crisis and can’t quite keep her fangirl glee under control. It’s great to see the Amazons fight side by side with a hero who is very different, and Mary continues to be a ball of energy who really deserved more than a four-issue mini to spotlight her time as Shazam.

  • 75

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Wonder Woman #797 follows Wonder Woman’s escape from Hera’s clutches while the Gods begin their assault on humanity. The art is top-notch, and the story moves with a quick pace and plenty of action. Despite a few flaws, the War of the Gods is shaping up to be a decent adventure.

  • 70

    Lyles Movie Files

    The Becky Cloonan/Michael W. Conrad era of Wonder Woman is nearing its conclusion with a showdown against Hera and the gods loyal to her. (….) There’s a sense that the Revenge of the Gods arc could go in several directions as Cloonrad try to make sense of their various ideas. Hopefully they’ll settle on a workable one as their run draws to a conclusion.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Wonder Woman #797 gives a nice, focused view of the Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods event, which fills in the story between Diana’s reckless intrusion into the new ruling class of Deities and the next issue. We couldn’t have Diana locked up forever now, could we?

    Having a mini-event to deal with the consequences of a previous event is a fairly rare path for DC to tread, and it’s always been interesting to see them do this. Final Crisis is a great example of this, and I firmly believe that Lazarus Planet is another. This is an event that will touch the DC universe for a long time yet. It’s only just begun…

  • 70

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    An action-packed issue that continues the intrigue of the core Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods mini-series. Liked both the main and back-up stories. Nice to see Shazam get some profile in the back-up. Also, I continue to be intrigued by who the hooded figure is.

  • 50

    Wonder Woman #797 is, like much of the Cloonan/Conrad run in more recent months, frustrating. It’s a patchwork of ideas as the story edges to its conclusion that pits Wonder Woman against Hera, but the ideas never really deliver and, more than that elements that are teased—such as the new champion of Shazam—aren’t delivered upon. Instead, the issue largely hinges on some large action sequences, a familiar figure from much earlier in the run, and what feels like a hope that readers won’t realize that this whole story feels like one we’ve already read before from said earlier point in the run. It’s the repetition of the idea of Diana being at the mercy of the gods—and for reasons that don’t feel especially valid, especially if you haven’t read “Lazarus Planet”—that makes this a frustrating issue and feels like we’re just treading water waiting for the run to end. At least the art is good.

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