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Wonder Woman #794

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Based on 7 critic ratings.

After rescuing the Cheetah from the clutches of the evil International Milk Company, Wonder Woman must set her sights on the real monsters behind it all… the gods!

The gods of fear and panic, Phobos and Deimos, have been having a little too much fun controlling the minds of men, and the world has started to suffer the consequences.

Diana is going to need a fellow expert on deities to save the day, but you’ll never guess who!

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35 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Cloonan and Conrad offer up a valiantly heroic Wonder Woman who has no fear of facing the gods themselves as she is sworn to protect the earth from everything. Her power contrasts well against theirs. She’s in over her head just enough to make the heroism feel that much more potent. The presence of Cheetah as an ally is a welcome one. The match-up between Wonder Woman and Young Diana in this issue might not feel perfect, but it still manages to make a standard-length comic book feel just a bit more substantial than it would with a single feature.

  • 90

    DC Comics News

    Wonder Woman #794 on the surface is a good issue. Some time with it reveals it is full of insight and care. I ask you, reader to not just read it, but think about what is going on. Think about Barbara M. and what she’s going through. There’s an exciting and fun story of Greek Gods executing a plan of mayhem and subversion on the people of the Earth, but beneath the surface there’s something even more substantial and gratifying. Not many comics can do this, and it’s not only here, but done incredibly cleverly with all the nods to the Golden Age.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    It’s a solid issue and the new team dynamic is a lot of fun. (…) The best part of the issue may be the latest installment of the Young Diana story, which focuses on Antiope planning to take her leave from Themyscira. (…) It feels like this could have been an ending to the arc, but more is coming and the stunning art and deft writing make me pretty excited to see where it goes.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 78

    Comic Watch

    Cloonan and Conrad once again knock this issue out of the park. Dine on that godflesh, Cheetah!

  • 40

    I hate to say it but the only good thing about Wonder Woman #794 is the appearance of Yara Flor. The rest of the issue is crammed with some clunky writing, that messy and weird Milk Xtra plot that should have died several issues ago, and frankly weird action sequences that, while the art is good, really aren’t helped by the art at all – there’s just something very weird about milk creatures (or, rather, Greek gods emerging from vats of milk.) The whole issue feels lazy and convoluted in the weirdest way and while Wonder Woman stories can, at times, be campy fun, this is just bad.

  • 40

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Wonder Woman #794 continues the moldering milk misadventures with goofy milk battles and the reveal of a plan by the gods of Mt. Olympus to take over the world. The premise is goofy, and the dialog is terrible, but the art is serviceable.

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