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Wonder Woman #788

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As Cizko continues to build his forces, Wonder Woman discovers that she will not have to face the threat of this new “Villainy Inc.” alone. Diana is joined by friends old and new, including Steve Trevor and Etta Candy, now operating as agents of Checkmate, along with displaced Asgardian heartthrob Siegfried. But as Cizko continues to gain power and influence, will this be enough to stop the villain once known as Dr. Psycho, and uncover the dark nature of who is really calling the shots? Plus, a new chapter of the Adventures of Young Diana!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    The big reveal at issues end finds the Duke of Deception making his first appearance in quite some time. The villain has always had such great potential thats never really come together. Conrad and Cloonan have a good track record. Theres reason to hope that this might be one of the more interesting appearances. Back in the 1960s, writer Robert Kanigher would pair stories of Wonder Woman with her adventures as a teen. There were serious continuity problems with the format that Kanigher wouldnt have been bothered with. Its nice to see a similar format brought to life in the current series with a back-up by Jordie Bellaire that smartly engages with the person she would be come as an adult.
  • 90

    DC Comics News

    Wonder Woman #788 is an interesting issue as it takes classic themes first present in the Golden Age feature and modernizes them. The approach and content calls back to a lot of Golden Age aspects. It's an astute move and it adds an extra layer or three to the storytelling. There are multiple levels on which this can be appreciated. It's pretty darn FUN too!
  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Conrad and Cloonan craft a timely story that explores the influence that a cult of person can have on society. There were many interesting nods given to current culture including protest agitators and the hosts of a television show using their platform to stoke fear and hate. Also, I appreciated the way this chapter added to the level of chaos by including two female characters as agents of destruction for an anti-woman movement. It felt very relatable as globally many women are choosing to advocate for laws and governance that are categorically against their own interests. I applaud the writers for their bravery in storytelling. The Young Diana storyline ties into the main story as it shows the effects of a negative influence. And I though it was clever that Antiope’s talk of being self reliant mimicked the tone of the protesters and their leader Cizko. The Art: The artwork in this issue is crafted in two different styles, each perfectly suitable for the tale they represent. The A-Story uses a traditional comic styling to create a serious and intense mood, while the B-Story has a youthful feel that is connective to Young Diana’s innocence and much simpler life in Themyscira.
  • 88

    Comic Watch

    Cizko’s taking his misogyny to the streets, and it’s all going sideways for Diana. Watch as we see what Cizko’s been planning for the last year. Meanwhile the rest of Villainy Inc. are out there making it hell for the Wondy crew. Can they stop it before their whole world topples over?
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    Geek Dad

    Here’s the problem—satire is a tricky thing when the people you’re satirizing are essentially very dangerous jokes already. The MRAs this book is poking at are caricatures, to the point that the cartoonish take on them here isn’t all that far off from reality. So much of the philosophy is making up a person to get mad at. It’s a common problem that Mark Russell’s more pointed works also often fall into. The action does pick up when the villains escalate, and Steve and Siggy’s growing bromance is the funniest part of the issue. However, the threat here doesn’t really work either as a funny satire, or as a legitimate threat. It’s a shame, because the creative team’s compelling take on Diana is strong as always. The Young Diana segment is probably the highlight here, as our pint-sized Amazon falls further under the spell of her visiting aunt Antiope. Hippolyta’s caginess about why Antiope left has only made Diana more fascinated by the new arrival, and she and Antiope engage in an escape from the palace at night in search of mysteries. This leads them to encounter a strange beast in the wild, and a mishap leaves Diana with a hard-to-hide memento of their escape. It’s a short story, and I imagine these will read much better collected, but this second volume of stories has been pretty great so far.
  • 50

    There are things about Wonder Woman #788 that I like and think have potential. I like that the issue is both lightly making fun of misogynistic groups while also making not-so-subtle commentary about how people can be manipulated for less than good aim and using that as a vehicle for some of Cizko's machinations with Villainy Inc. It feels very much in line with the social commentary that comics often deliver and at the same time has a very old-school comics feel. But, on the other hand, this story — and sadly much of what's been going on with Wonder Woman generally across various titles — feels leaden and without any real point. There's a lot of clunky writing, poor characterization, and a feeling that Diana is just being dragged along in her own stories. This book in particular just feels without spark and energy. The art isn't bad, but it doesn't make up for what feels boring on the page, narrative-wise.
  • 50

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Wonder Woman #788 slightly advances Cizko's Wonder Woman haters club plan but doesn't do so in a compelling way. Instead, things that seem essential get discarded almost immediately, only to have the plot bogged down by nonsense. The issue does look good but is such a dull read that I can't recommend it to anyone, not even Wonder Woman fans.
  • 50

    Lyles Movie Files

    Conrad and Cloonan continue to struggle in making this stretch of Wonder Woman interesting. The MAGA stand-ins aren’t as clever as they think and the action is underwhelming. Wonder Woman needs a spark as it’s becoming consistently lackluster. Wonder Woman and her fans deserve better.

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