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Wonder Woman #787

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Spinning out of Trial of the Amazons…What lies in the treacherous waters surrounding the island of Themyscira? Wonder Woman takes a deep dive into her culture looking for answers to Altuum’s claims of living in paradise before the Amazons ever arrived at the request of the gods. Could the legends told in her childhood all be lies?

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    The current run of Wonder Woman has been a great deal of fun. It was inevitable that the two-feature format would eventually land on an issue without a whole lot of physical action. There’s more than enough going on in both stories to maintain interest from cover to cover. It’s odd to have a drama-heavy issue that has as much going on as there is in Wonder Woman #787.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    With an end to the trial, we begin this new chapter of Dianas life, and CloonRad are hell bent on making this next turn in Dianas life as exciting as possible. Whether that be with Siggy, and Steve, or the villains, both old and new, that theyre bringing us, I cant wait to see what else theyre going to come up with.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: This chapter begins a new plotline in the Wonder Woman saga and ushers in Diana’s return to man’s world. I feel that this story did a good job of wrapping up Diana’s time on Themyscira and giving the appropriate weight to the struggles she previously endured. I must say, I found it a bit odd that in the second half of the story the tone shifted from a melancholy reflection to a genial buddy-cop type air. It will be interesting to see what direction this new storyline takes and whether or not Diana’s newest adventures will be affected by her recent time in Themyscira.

    In the B Story, Antiope picks up on the reason for Diana’s angst. I enjoy how this series directly correlates with the situations Diana faces in the main tale, and how the lessons she learns, and her conversations with the Amazons, all guide her later in life. I am curious how her current interactions with Antiope will affect how she views both her mother and herself.

    The Art: The artwork in this issue varies by story. The different illustrations match the tone of their respective tales. The A Story uses a traditional comic book styling, while the narrative of Young Diana is visualized in a youthful and colorful manner. Yet each feature detailed drawings and pay careful attention to character and background creating an immersive experience throughout.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    From there, it’s back to Man’s World as we catch up with some old friends. I was amused to find out that Siegfried and Steve are now close friends and roommates, cleverly subverting the expectations of the two becoming romantic rivals. Diana and Etta’s interaction is strong, as is Etta taking the fight to a group of punks who attack her car—and that turns into a bigger development than expected. The punks are devotees of Dr. Cziko, who has turned himself into an alt-right podcaster who radicalizes young men. It’s all a little too on-the-nose, the way Mark Russell’s satire sometimes gets, but the end of the issue shows that he has much more sinister plans than just hate speech. Overall, a strong transition issue.

    The Young Diana installment in the back was excellent, as Diana’s training on Themyscira is shaken up by the return of the last Amazon to leave the island—Antiope. Hippolyta’s estranged sister has apparently chosen to marry someone from outside the island, and that’s caused major tensions. Diana, on the other hand, is fascinated by this wild-card addition to the island and can’t learn enough about her. But as she talks with Antiope, Antiope starts asking some hard questions about her future. We’ve yet to get a truly iconic story of Diana’s youth, and the art and character work here make it a contender.

  • 80

    DC Comics News

    Long ago, comic book stories were mostly short, quick foe of the month tales. Over time they’ve developed into chronicles of a character’s life. Wonder Woman #787 demonstrates this. Every day isn’t saving the world. Sometimes you have to come back to your life after an interruption and that’s what happens this issue. There a few balls still in the air as mysteries aren’t always solved immediately and one’s personal life is often complicated. This is Diana’s life and we’re getting the full spectrum of her experiences, including the formative moments from her youth.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 79

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    WONDER WOMAN #787 tries to reconstitute WONDER WOMAN into the fold with Etta and Steve to regain the team dynamic that once was the roots of this series. Readers, that’s not a bad thing. Plus, it’s done in an easygoing manner that’s overly reminiscent of classic villainy without the weighty nature normally associated with the current comics conundrum that is present-day action, adventure, as well as graphic overtones.

  • 65

    Lyles Movie Files

    If they can make this work, it could be the most interesting development on the book in many months. Their track record doesnt support this optimism, but theres still a sliver of hope yet that this book can get turned around into a must-read standout.

  • 40

    There is a lot going on in Wonder Woman #787 and unfortunately it’s kind of a mess. It recaps “Trial of the Amazons,” wraps up the weird Altuun storyline of it all, and then goes all the way back to Cizko and whatever mess that was because we’ve all largely forgotten about it. It’s not that the writing here is bad. Even with so much going on it’s not poorly written. It’s just too much going on for one issue and since the issue just jams so much stuff into its pages, none of it is well served. The art is equally as all over the place with an end result of a very disappointing issue. It’s honestly kind of a mess and not in a fun way.

  • 40

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Wonder Woman #787 recaps and ties up some loose ends from the Trial of the Amazons Event before getting back to Cizko and his nonsense. He’s been hanging in the background so long that it doesn’t feel all that fresh or exciting. On the other hand, we are moving ahead, so that’s something.

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