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Women Of Marvel #1

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CELEBRATING THE MIGHTY WOMEN OF MARVEL! Because they worked hard for this and they deserve it! But who you callin’ “doll”?! Marvel’s most powerful heroines take center stage in an anthology that will inspire, empower and motivate fans from all walks of life! Whether it’s the Boss of Space pummeling back an alien invasion or the Scarlet Witch weaving a magical protection, the women of Marvel have got your back. Featuring a story by industry legend Gail Simone and more to come!

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35 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Spider Man Crawlspace

    So, after a quick February, we are starting March with good vibes and undeniable positivity, giving the Women of Marvel the recognition and spotlight that they deserve. We really hit the jackpot with these ladies! Plus, it is also the start of my birthday month, so I am going to once again reassess everything I have been doing in my life so far, like I do every year. But without a doubt, it has been great to be a part of this community, and I am excited to spend many more years with the Crawlspace family, whether it be as a contributor, or even just as a fan and reader. Cheers!

  • 95

    Nerd Initiative

    Megan: Women of Marvel is beautifully made, with vibrant colors and different styles for each story within the comic. That might be my favorite part: how each story is drawn in a different style that matches the character, and the story, in such a perfect way.

    Janelle: Overall, this comic was great. So many diverse characters as well as some of my favorites. I’m hoping that the second issue will bring more women to the forefront, so that many people can read about their stories. Each woman is amazing at fighting crime, and working together.

    Lauren: There’s not too much I can say that Megan and Janelle haven’t touched on, but this was a hell of a lot of fun to read. Kicking off with the old school art in the first story and then slowly transitioning to a gorgeous collaboration of detailed and badass women was the perfect way to jump into this anthology. So often female empowering stories are (incorrectly) deemed as “man hating.” This story literally did the opposite, and it had you laughing throughout.

  • 90


    Overall, Women of Marvel #1 is a worthy read well worth the price of admission. It features fun tales, some a bit too short for their own good, but a nice curation of heroes doing their thing.

  • 70

    Like most special event or commemoration anthologies, Women of Marvel 2024 #1 is a little bit of a mixed bag. There are some strong stories, some less strong. The prose components, written by Angelique Roche, provide a good read. But the issue still feels superficial in how it celebrates the women of Marvel Comics. As the opening story highlighted, there are a lot of amazing female characters on Marvel’s rosters as well women creators. Issues like this only serve to remind us that Marvel can do a lot more to utilize them in stories that aren’t just feel good moments of respite.

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