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Wolverine #49

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WOLVERINE is powerless – but not defenseless. FORGE made LOGAN one last invention, and with the lives of the X-MEN and all mutants on the line, it’s time to unleash the ultimate weapon!

COLLECTORS’ NOTE: Featuring the full debut of the Adamantium Armor!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    No review.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    With only one issue left of the Sabretooth War, we’ve been set up for an ultimate battle. We have a human Wolverine in a suit made of adamantium with the Muramasa blade against Sabretooth who has way too much fun murdering people. Yet he also seems to really just miss his favorite little runt. This is a battle that has been in the making for longer than Logan can even remember. Wolverine is grieving the loss of his son, while Sabretooth’s son wants nothing more than to kill his father (and Logan). While so many want Sabretooth taken down forever, defeating a mad man who truly enjoys tormenting others will be no easy feat. Nevertheless, it’s always good to have someone who is “the best at what they do.” SNIKT!

  • 85


    The psychosis of Sabretooth is on full display in a compelling issue about his inner thoughts and psychology. The question is asked if he can be saved, and by the end, there is an answer. Juggling this and the table setting for the finale ends up making this an intriguing issue that’s well worth checking out.

  • 72

    Comic Watch

    Overall, Sabretooth War has struggled with pacing issues. It has been hard to know what is important and what isn’t without a clear voice guiding the narrative. Wolverine #49 leaves readers off where hopefully issue #50 will begin with Wolverine facing Sabretooth and Bad Seed. Hopefully, Benjamin Percy has something up his sleeve and can finish his run strong. The past few Wolverine events haven’t been the strongest despite being one of the longest-running series of this era.

  • 70


    Skipping over the past few issues and glancing at the end of Wolverine #49 is all one really would need to prepare for the upcoming series and arc concluding issue. A lot of standing around, walking in place, and setting up the pieces still happening even as the end looms large.

  • 60

    Wolverine #49 sets the stage for the big climactic fight between Logan, Victor, Bad Seed and (presumably) Laura and the rest of X-Force on what’s left of Krakoa. But it also gives one last reminder that, unlike Logan, Victor doesn’t have any regrets for his past sins – he relishes them. It’s one of the key differences between the two, and bravo to the comic book for managing to illustrate that while keeping the two separated for these past couple of issues.

  • 60

    Geek'd Out

    Not really much to discuss in Wolverine #49. The arc is almost finished, and someone will win the fight while someone else will lose. Have a feeling it will be Wolverine…!

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