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Wolverine #48

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It’s a family affair as GRAYDON CREED, the maligned son of VICTOR CREED, A.K.A. SABRETOOTH, brings the fight to his father.

The winner gets WOLVERINE – or… what’s left of him…!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Un Cómic Más

    With details and many textures, the art provide a gloomy and dynamic tone that reflects the tension that Wolverine experiences in this race against time to stop the Sabretooths.

  • 85


    Forces are gathered, weapons are found, and traps are sprung as the dueling sides of the Sabretooth War soar ever closer to the end of their battles in Wolverine #48. An issue that walks the right fine line with nostalgia and feeling, keeping things moving with a rough solid touch.

  • 80

    Wolverine #48 starts off with an interesting character study into both Logan and Victor, showing how differently they’ve handled loss and grief through their tragedy-filled extended lifetimes. It’s a good sign that, in the midst of so much gore, the book hasn’t lost sight of Wolverine as a character. It then pivots into table-setting for the climax of The Sabretooth War over the next two issues, splitting attention between Victor and Graydon Creed (though why it felt the need to add in one more Sabretooth when there was an entire pack of them to work with for months is beyond me) and bringing the action back to Krakoa. This should make for a hell of a fight.

  • 72

    Comic Watch

    Wolverine #48 feels familiar with many of the previous issues in The Sabretooth War, with Wolverine and company preparing to face Sabretooth, but there are a lot of fun elements that make it worth it. She wasn’t covered in the main review, but Laura’s participation in this issue and the previous one have been a lot of fun and leaves the feeling that this event should have had the Wolverine Family front and center. There are two more issues to go, so there is still time.

  • 70


    A big showdown between Wolverine and Sabretooth builds as stakes are raised in part 8. While it’s cool to see time spent on Bad Seed, it undoubtedly raises the stakes. This issue neglects a few elements while requiring you to suspend disbelief too much.

  • 60

    Geek'd Out

    Wolverine still plods along with the Sabretooth War storyline.

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