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Wolverine #45

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X MARKS THE SPOT! – SABRETOOTH WAR – PART 5! The treasure hunt is on as SABRETOOTH picks up on the trail of an item that will turn the tide in the war on WOLVERINE! But as the best there is regroups with the remnants of his allies, it’ll be a race against time for the good guys to uncover a LOST weapon that could prove to be their LAST HOPE! And that’s if ORCHIS and the STARK SENTINELS don’t get them first!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 80


    Things continue to rest at a slow simmer as the Sabretooth War reaches its halfway point with Wolverine #45. An overall fine issue, that gets hung up a bit falling into the same circular traps that all Wolverine & Sabretooth stories tend to do.

  • 80


    Expect some great moments between Sabretooth and Kid Omega in an entertaining issue of Wolverine. With so many characters to check in on the plot doesn’t progress too much, but it’s all effectively building towards a major finale.

  • 80

    Un Cómic Más

    This installment lowers the accelerated narrative pace and violence that came with it to show a little of Sabretooth’s plan.

  • 76

    Comic Watch

    Wolverine #45 takes its time but by the end, Wolverine is finally on Krakoa face-to-face with Sabretooth. While it isn’t quite what was expected, it does leave on a promising note. This issue marks the halfway point for the Sabretooth War, so there is still time to pay off on some promises and stick the landing.

  • 60

    After the first two issues, a big question regarding the “Sabretooth War” event was whether or not it could keep up its hyper-violent tone and quick pace. That answer turned out to be a resounding “no” as the cast has not only ballooned over the last two issues to include the Exiles but it has pulled back almost completely on its claim of being Wolverine’s “most violent event.” There’s plenty of room left for that to change, but I hope the writers don’t let the story get too big to where they struggle to wrangle it into a fitting conclusion.

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