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Wolverine #40

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LOGAN’s journey across the ORCHIS-controlled globe brings him to New York City – and a reunion with that great non-mutant super hero: SPIDER-MAN!

But will the ol’ PARKER LUCK help WOLVERINE against the wrath of the STARK SENTINELS or put the fall in FALL OF X?!

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    Sometimes things end with a bang, and other times they end with a thud. ‘Wolverine’ #40 is a comic that ends up squarely in the middle, which is a problem itself. An essentially fine issue, very been there done that, which will not be memorable in the slightest in years to come or even the weeks to come.

  • 64

    Comic Watch

    Before we head into the New Year and a new arc for Wolverine, readers are treated with a team-up that will always be welcomed in Wolverine #40. The story is fun and delivers some great action moments but it does leave the reader wanting more.

  • 60

    Wolverine’s latest team-up is with Spider-Man for Wolverine #40. And while that’s usually a fun dynamic, the bulk of the comic is spent in a dog fight in Earth’s upper atmosphere. It’s an odd choice considering that it’s not a useful environment for either hero, but at least we get some internal self-reflection from Logan. The ending of the issue seems to indicate we’re getting back to the central “Fall of X” plot, so thankfully this is the end of Wolverine’s “team up of the month” run.

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    Derby Comics

    Logan’s run of team-ups comes to a close with his final partner being none other than Spider-Man. It’s an odd inclusion since Spidey’s been keeping busy saving Manhattan from the chaos of the Gang War event (there’s even a mention of it in the issue), so how he had time to take a space-ride with Logan is a giant question mark. Wolverine also spends a good chunk of the issue incapacitated after losing consciousness in space. Benjamin Percy writes a lot of Spider-Man dialogue, which is a mix of genuinely funny moments mixed with been-there-done-that one-liners at Logan’s expense. It’s all just a pointless issue that reminds readers that Wolverine has basically been MIA from the rest of his mutant family throughout Fall of X. The ending makes it seem like he’ll be back with X-Force in short order, but he’s also about to get preoccupied with the Sabretooth War event coming up as well.

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    There have been a handful of good team-ups in this stretch of the story arc, but there have been some duds, too. This issue is more in the middle, with some fun moments, albeit mainly at the expense of Wolverine. For that reason, it’s a bit of a relief this story arc comes to a close as I’m happy to get back into Wolverine being more in line with the X-line, or at the very least, more structure as Sabretooth War starts.

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