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Wolverine #39

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WOLVERINE has gone underground to dodge the heat from ORCHIS’ mutant hunt, while BLACK PANTHER is in exile on the outskirts of WAKANDA. But when an illegal cache of precious metals is targeted to further Orchis’ agenda, these clawed compatriots will team up to keep the goods out of the bad guys’ hands! But can even these two heroes protect the innocents caught in the crossfire?


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25 pages
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  • 60

    Wolverine #39 is another “team-up of the month” issue, this time pairing Logan with an exiled Black Panther. Getting to see Logan play hard-boiled detective is always fun and we see more of the recent status quo change T’Challa has been dealing with in his own book, but the pair have very little in common beyond their shared history with Storm (I get why she’s not here but if you’re going to do a crossover with these two it feels like she should be). Overall I’d rank this below the recent issues with Hulk and Captain America but it’s still decent.

  • 60

    Derby Comics

    Logan continues to live in his own little world crafted by Benjamin Percy as he goes on his episodic tag-team adventures which feel completely removed from Fall of X. Taking one of the most popular and recognizable mutants out of the main titles will never make sense to me, but hey what do I know? As an individual issue there was nothing wrong here, but it is entirely skippable if you want to be budget conscious and only read issues that move the Fall of X needle. I thought Juan José Ryp’s art here was a lot more effective compared to his work on this week’s Immortal X-Men. His designs allowed Black Panther’s new costume to shine.

  • 50


    Wolverine #39 is an easily skippable issue. It serves little for the bigger story while delivering action scenes that lack stakes or danger. The issue looks good, but it all feels like it could easily fit into the first half of a better comic.

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