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Wolverine #38

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You know those old friends, the ones that go way, way back who you can always rely on?

That’s STEVE ROGERS to LOGAN, whose friendship goes back to WORLD WAR II!

It only stands to reason that as WOLVERINE faces the fallout from FALL OF X, that CAPTAIN AMERICA has his six!

But as ORCHIS rises and LEGACY HOUSE takes advantage of the situation, who will fall?


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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85


    Wolverine #38 is a great team up issue featuring one of Logan’s oldest and closest wartime friends. Given the state of Krakoa this issue feels important as it wraps up what Orchis has done with what’s left of mutant culture while ensuring it’ll be preserved for whatever era comes next. It’s fitting the “Last Mutant Standing” story arc has Wolverine going on solo missinos as the biggest mutant loner is best at wrapping up loose ends.

  • 80

    Wolverine’s dynamic with Captain America is always a fascinating one. Both are veterans, scientific experiments and men out of their time, yet Steve Rogers in one of the few people Logan has never lost faith in. Wolverine #38 pairs the two up again, this time to bring down an auction (a framing device Percy’s run seems to love) of stolen Krakoan artifacts. Some of the panels are great throwbacks to the entirety of X-Men’s Krakoan era, but for the casual reader it’s always fun to see these two mow their way through a legion of goons.

  • 80

    Comic Watch

    Overall, this issue is action-packed and fun. It’s exactly what you’d want out of a book with Cap and Wolverine teaming up. There is plenty of fun action from both characters and it feels connected to what currently is happening in the other books but also standalone enough for casual readers to pick up the issue and enjoy it based on the cover alone.

  • 80


    Sometimes the oddest of duos makes for the oldest of friends, and Logan needs the help of one of his in Wolverine #38. A pretty self-contained story amidst the Fall Of X event, it’s a pretty decent team-up between the two completely different yet similar characters.

  • 70

    Derby Comics

    Logan’s holding patter continues with another solo mission, this time featuring a team-up with Captain America. These are fun one-offs, but I’m ready for Wolverine to get back with his X-Force team members though how/if that ends up happening long-term remains to be seen with the upcoming Wolverine vs. Sabretooth minievent. We get nice homages to different points of the Krakoan era, but this has the feeling of a feel-good mashup of Marvel legends than anything relevant to the Fall of X endgame.

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