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Wolverine #33

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The landmark Weapons of X storyline continues as BEAST makes a critical move against WOLVERINE. But… who is moving against Beast? Not who you think! And how does MAVERICK play into this conflict?

PLUS: An all-new backup adventure featuring WOLVERINE and SISTER DAGGER, by Gene Luen Yang and Peter Nguyen!

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #33 continues this book’s run of excellence. Percy, Ryp, D’Armata, and Petit are putting out the best X-Men story around right now, and more people need to notice that. Yang, Nguyen, and Ramos turn in an enjoyable back-up story as well. All in all, this is an excellent Wolverine comic.

  • 85


    ‘Wolverine’ #33 brings the title character closer to a final showdown with Beast who continues to move forward with his dark, destabilizing, villainous moves all in the name of ‘protecting’ Krakoa. When this series is firing on all cylinders it’s a whole different experience and this is one of those story arcs where everything is coming together as it should.

  • 83

    Comic Watch

    Wolverine #33 is the eighth chapter in Ben Percy’s Beast Agenda arc, one made up of two separately titled stories that have now coalesced into this hulking monster of a story that has moved at half the pace it should. This has been made up for with well-written character moments, bouts of amazing action, and a solid conceptual basis for the story, but as this tale has dragged, their charm has all but worn away.

    That isn’t to say Percy’s writing has become dull or even harmful. It has remained consistent with this entire arc so far; his ability to manage multiple weaving plot lines and characters is never better than it is here. It This issue sets up all the chess pieces necessary to bring this tale to a close. It rings Maverick, Jeff, and Wolvie together for a soon-to-be grandstand against Beast but cuts it short enough to have something for the next issue.

    The most interesting part of this storyline has been Beast’s motivations, which have been wrapped up in many mysterious and philosophical ideas regarding Machiavellian thought. The more depth this is given, the more interesting it grows. There’s also a fantastic extended sequence of the Beast’s many clones realizing that the intent behind their creation was not in the name of science or mutant kind but in the name of ego.

    There’s a lovely bit of the character work here, but all that pales in the fact that the plot itself has barely progressed. This issue moves the dial a bit, but it still feels slow. This arc will read better in one sitting and when it’s complete. Juan Jose Ryp’s art continues to amaze me. While it is admittedly unconventional for Western superhero comics, it serves this story well.

    While it doesn’t grind to halt, Wolverine #33 suffers from the overdrawn plotting of this massive Beast Agenda story arc quite a bit. While the book still wears some of Percy’s finer hallmarks with the character, you can feel just how tired this book has become.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    Beast is on a warpath and the only man who can stop him is Wolverine! with a little help from some friends. Wolverine #33 by Benjamin Percy and Juan Jose Ryp is the latest installment of the Weapons of X arc. The issue largely focuses on gathering Wolverine’s various allies as they all converge on Beast. It’s a good issue but it’s certainly the build-up for the end game of this arc. The art by Ryp is colored by Frank D’Armata, normally I’m not a fan of D’Armata’s coloring work but with Ryp’s pencils, it fits. The art is detailed and gloriously grotesque in a way befitting a Wolverine story. Ryp can draw some of the most visceral gore you’ll find in big two comics. The issue also contains a backup story by Gene Luen Yang and Peter Nguyen. It’s a fine little backup with good art focusing on Wolverine and the little sister of Shang-Chi taking on a monster. It has cute expressive art but it’s a pretty throwaway story, but hey it’s an extra story for the same price, so you won’t see me complaining!

  • 80


    Benjamin Percy has been making folks ask the following question in Wolverine: is it wrong if an agent goes rogue but their behavior gets the job done? Considering the immoral acts Beast has been up to, like attacking countries who aren’t complying with Krakoan law or cloning himself and Wolverine to meet his ends, I’d argue it is wrong. Unfortunately for Wolverine, the Quiet Council disagrees, so he’s taking matters into his own hands to stop Beast himself. In Wolverine #33, though, we learn he might have help from an old friend.


    Expect table-setting moments in Wolverine #33 as we wait for the final showdown to commence. Beast continues to be as evil as they come, and even with good intentions, it’s clear he’s a lost cause.

  • 80


    Benjamin Percy does a great job making each of the characters shine in their respective portions of the story. While I would have been satisfied just reading Wolverine’s side of this story, Jeff Bannister’s piece in this was no less interesting, and it’s hard not to see Beast as more of a threat as this story continues. The art by Juan José Ryp really is a highlight here, from the emotions (surprise & annoyance) on the characters faces to the body language used.

    Overall, this issue does a great job of establishing the threats coming up against Beast, and sets the stage for what is surely going to be a complicated and interesting confrontation. With this level of storytelling and art in play, I can’t wait to read the next issue!

  • 60

    Despite how gory Wolverine has been lately, this issue suddenly decides to try its hand at comedy over the fact that instead of one power-hungry Beast, you’re dealing with a whole group of them. Yet it surprisingly works, especially during a written conversation transcript. As for the story itself, Beast Prime continues to wreak international supply chain havoc while also wrangling his army of Beast clones while Wolverine, Maverick and Bannister slowly mount up an offensive to stop him. It’s by no means a skippable issue but it still feels like we’re a long way off from the final Logan vs. Beast confrontation.

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