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Wolverine #32

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WOLVERINE may be the best there is at what he does…but which Wolverine is the best? BEAST’S last-ditch effort to save mutantdom involves a veritable CLONE SAGA for LOGAN! Which Wolverine will be left standing?


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  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #32 continues this awesome storyline. Comics just aren’t written the way that Percy writes them anymore, and it’s a joy to see. Ryp and D’Armata get better every issue, and Petit’s letters do an amazing job of selling the emotion of the art and script. Wolverine continues to be a cut above the rest.

  • 86

    Comic Watch

    Marvel fans have a strange relationship with stories dealing with clones, so it was pretty bold for Wolverine #32 to be referred to as a clone saga for Logan. The phrase “clone saga” is enough to send shivers down a reader’s spine. However, clones and Wolverine are far from a new idea, though the clones in this arc feel pretty on the nose. If anyone can make it work, it’s Benjamin Percy. Percy’s storytelling is why X-Force and Wolverine are two of the longest-running X-titles of the Krakoan era. Benjamín Percy’s writing brings a lot of symmetry between series, but his ability to come full circle on things is nothing short of masterful. But things don’t come full circle and conclude. Percy’s use of foreshadowing and callbacks feels organic and doesn’t necessarily bring closure but a reminder that there is a greater universe with lives being lived outside the books. (…) Overall, Wolverine #32 moves fast and feels unpredictable despite already delivering on the simple concept of “how much damage can Beast do with an army of Wolverine clones?” The answer is a lot. Wolverine #32 is only the second issue of the “Weapons of X” arc, so it is still a perfect time to jump in.

  • 85


    Everything has been building to this point as ‘Wolverine’ #32 pits the title character against his former ally and now nemesis Beast, with the fate of Krakoa and so much more hanging in the balance. This is the story that so many have been waiting for, hoping that Beast will pay the price for the war crimes and worse the character has perpetrated for years.

  • 80


    You don’t ever want to make Wolverine mad, which is bad news because boy howdy, have Benjamin Percy and Juan Jose Ryp given Wolverine the biggest reason ever to be angry. Part 2 is out this week, which features Beast taking over X-Force and remaking it in his own image, literally. He’s cloning himself to be the intelligence part of things while he’s implemented an army of Wolverine clones to serve as the violent part of X-Force. With Wolverine seriously ticked off after killing a clone of Beast that turned into a mushroom kill-bot, it’s time for Logan to track down Beast and end this for good. (…) Wolverine #32 is quite good at establishing key elements before Logan goes into hunter mode to finally kill Beast. All the pieces are in place, the violence and gore are on point, and you can’t help but enjoy it all with childlike glee.

  • 80

    Wolverine #32 once again keeps Logan in the background, placing the focus on Beast and his horde of Beast and Wolverine clones, his horrific base of operations and the gruesome murders he’s been carrying out with this new plan. There’s a fantastic scene involving the real Wolverine and The Quiet Council, but that’s about the only thing the comic has in terms of plot progression. Once again, the real standout is Juan Jose Ryp’s artwork, which at this point has me primed to expect a sudden outburst of gore and bloodshed at a moment’s notice. The book keeps teetering its way into outright horror and it’s all the better for it.

  • 80

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Wolverine #32 continues the story of how Beast is turning into a villain. Benjamin Percy has developed Beast more in the past few years than any writer has in the last ten years. His run on Wolverine has been a memorable one that has to have repercussions in the future. The art is great for this issue. It matches the tone an energy that Percy is writing. Wolverine #32 is available at a comic shop near you!

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