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Wolverine #31

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BEAST will stop at nothing to protect KRAKOA as he sees fit.

Having lost the faith of X-FORCE and WOLVERINE, there’s only one mutant McCOY can turn to – himself!

Join BEAST, BEAST, BEAST and BEAST, under the leadership of BEAST, into the new Krakoan era!

WEAPONS OF X begins here!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #31 is an all-around well-done issue. It’s the line in the sand, the big change for Wolverine and X-Force. Percy, Ryp, D’Armata, and Petit have taken readers for a white-knuckle ride with this story, and this issue does a great job of selling everything.

  • 90


    Long-form stories told within the space of monthly releasing comic books can be a tough situation. There is always the chance that along the way the reader’s attention may be lost or waver, especially if it feels like there might be a deviation or road bump while traveling in the direction of a conclusion to whatever the eventual destination might be. There has been a story being told by Benjamin Percy that has weaved across both Wolverine and X-Force since both titles began all the way back in 2019. It’s a story that was mostly told in X-Force but has dipped into Logan’s title at times, especially in the last handful of issues where the story has dominated. (…) I do think that there should have been just a slight difference made to the narration captions of Beast and Logan as they are exactly alike, and it took a moment for my mind to click that we were back to Logan narrating. Just a minor thing really as once you read the words it’s pretty clear who is talking but at the moment it just caused a slight pause. (…) A whole ton of things that were seeded all the way back in 2019 begin to bear fruit as ‘Wolverine’ #31 begins a major arc pitting Logan and X-Force against their former boss, Beast. A ton of slick action, lives on the line, and far too many Beasts fill these pages breathing some life into the series after a slower few months.

  • 85


    Wolverine #31 kicks off a Beast vs. Logan showdown you won’t want to miss. Everyone’s favorite blue mutant genius has gone off the rails with only more evil and immoral actions ahead of him, and he must be stopped. Given the stakes and how powerful Beast seems to be, there may be only one mutant left who can do it. He’s got six claws, and he’s all out of patience.

  • 84

    Comic Watch

    Overall, this issue had great pacing and some incredible imagery. This arc is looking like it is a great place to jump back in for new or returning readers. From what Wolverine #31 showed readers, anything could happen moving forward and it is clear that its going to be a blast to see.

  • 84

    Comic Crusaders

    Benjamin Percy has a style of writing perfect for a Wolverine book. This book has thrived under the able hand of Percy and issue 31 is aided even more by a clear conflict and the stellar art of Juan Jose Ryp. (…) This book is interesting, clear, has a great conflict that is ramping up in new ways. The art is dynamic without ever being confusing. This arc takes us down a new path against Beast, but it is nice to have a clear concise enemy and hero in an X-book.

  • 80

    Beast has taken the first steps in what appears to be his master plan, dubbed “Weapons of X.” He’s created a group of clones of himself, fired the X-Force and moved their base (which now looks like a plant-based mech with a giant skull for a head) to the bottom of the ocean. And if all of that wasn’t enough of an indication that he’s gone full supervillain, he also spends the issue monologuing about how he’s doing all of this for the greater good and how morality is irrelevant. I’m not particularly attached to Hank as a character so this heel turn has been a lot of fun, but there’s also a note buried in the issue that could hint at them reversing course if all of this isn’t well-received.

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