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Wolverine #22

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WHO CAN YOU TRUST? WOLVERINE is trapped in an adamantium prison, and it’s probably DEADPOOL’s fault. But the betrayal of MAVERICK stings worst of all! Just what is so valuable in that briefcase that it pits mutant against mutant…against C.I.A.?

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #22 is an exciting, action-packed romp. Percy is able to build the plot expertly and reveal exactly whats been going on, the character interplay is gold, and the pacing is perfect. Kubert and Martin do their part to keep everything fast-paced and entertaining. Wolverine has been impressive, and this issue keeps that up.

  • 85


    I won’t argue that this story arc hasn’t felt drawn out and a bit blah at times, but Wolverine #22 is a lot of fun. It recovers from the last issue which was slow and throws the reader into a high-speed chase. More importantly, it punishes Deadpool for being such a dingus which brings a lot of comic relief.

  • 84

    Comic Watch

    WOLVERINE #22 packs in the action and fun youd expect from #Wolverine and #Deadpool but what are they getting into and how does it concern Krakoa and the C.I.A?

  • 70


    Logan and Wade continue to do Wolverine and Deadpool-level things as the long-running plotlines of the series continue to casually walk forward, at least promising some sort of big confrontation with the next issue. An overall fine issue in an overall fine series that gives some fans of the characters exactly the type of meal they’ve always eaten and always want.

  • 69

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The comedy is stale, WOLVERINE seems a bit out of character, and even the item in the briefcase comes across as a bit too outrageous. It’s almost as if Percy is creating a tale that would make teenagers chuckle in delight at the expense of the diehard WOLVERINE fan.

  • 60

    There’s quite a bit of mean-spirited violence at Deadpool’s expense throughout the issue and the big mystery involving Danger doesn’t deliver any answers, but the final panel makes the rest of this arc look very promising.

  • 60

    Comic Crusaders

    This feels like a Deadpool comic but since we don’t really get his perspective here it makes the entire book feel disjointed and silly. This crossover started out with so much promise and daring but persisted too long and dragged Logan’s character into the mindset of Deadpool. Hopefully the book is designed to realize this and perhaps bridge things over to Wade ending up calling him on it or perhaps taking on the mindset of Logan as the story progresses.

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