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Wolverine #19

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THE OLD MUTANT AND THE SEA! It’s the one that got away…but not for long! The deadliest creature on Krakoa is off its shore, and the deadliest mutant there is will at last set out to hunt the leviathan he encountered on an X-FORCE mission. But can WOLVERINE take down this hidden creature of the deep that’s bigger and stronger and older than math can figure? He’d better, because no one is safe until he does.

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    WOLVERINE #19 finds our favorite mutant at sea in a haunting meditation on life and death. This may be my favorite single issue of any series this year. As someone who reads mostly digital these days, I can say that I am marching to the store to buy a copy of this issue.

  • 100

    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #19 is a perfect one-and-done story. Sure, it serves to close down one of Percy’s plot threads, but it’s also just a great Wolverine character piece and well worth the price of admission. Fernandez and Wilson are the perfect art team for it. They bring the script to life in a way the best art teams do and together create some stunning visuals. Not enough can be said about how great this issue is.

  • 95


    Wolverine #19 is a good example of how a done-in-one story can tell us so much about a character. Wolverine does a lot for Krakoa, it seems, and none of it is for credit. Not only that, Percy ties the acts of Wolverine to the island of Krakoa very well, keeping our interest and making sure everything that happens matters. This is a sound reminder Wolverine lives a cathartic life and a fulfilled one that’s transcendent, heroic, and inspiring.

  • 80

    Wolverine #19 is a fun little one-shot, focussing on Logan battling a Leviathan off the coast of Krakoa.

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