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Wolverine #15

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WOLVERINE comes face-to-face with Arakkii pirate crime lord SEVYR BLACKMORE! But will their fight lead Logan to the clues he needs to catch SOLEM, or put him right where the manipulative mutant wants him?

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    Wolverine #15 picks up where the last issue left off and has readers by the throat from the very first panel detailing the life of Solem. Its only weakness may be that we still barely know Solem even though he's the focus of this issue. Wolverine #15 shows us a formidable foe and now it's a matter of finding out who he is to complete the picture.
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    Graphic Policy

    Could it be better? Sure. Everything can be better. Im not much of a fan of Wolverine because he used to just pop up everywhere and mess up the place. Characters like Wolverine tend to feel a bit stale to me and I can honestly say I havent picked up his solo book in years. However, I was really enjoying what I read from Wolverine #15, so its definitely possible to put some good shine on something that for me was dull. Enough so that I want to see where this tale is going to go. Sevyr and Solem seem interesting enough as foils to Logan. This is definitely a book to read but it wouldnt hurt to buy it since there was enough thought to make it feel like the story went somewhere and delivered on some good action.
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    Comic Watch

    Wolverine#15 is a well-paced and visually explosive issue that promises to get even better moving forward.
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    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #15 gives readers some more background on Solem and sets him and Wolverine on a collision course. Percy has become an expert at building plots for Wolverine, and this issue is no exception. Kubert and Martin are amazing together, and this issue gives multiple examples as to why. Wolverine #15 is a great comic.
  • 78

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    WOLVERINE #15 provides fans with a quick, mini origin for Solem through the eyes of another new character Blackmore. Yet, I found that it just wasn't as riveting and powerful as I would expect from a ruthless, incarcerated, killer that struck fear into the hearts of even the Four Horsemen. Additionally, the tone and colors were a bit rough and almost muddy in appearance, which was very uncharacteristic of this creative team.
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    The latest issues gives a bit more information about Solem's backstory, but little else.

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