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Wolverine #13

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Can WOLVERINE and X-FORCE keep the peace or is the gala doomed?

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    Wolverine #13 is a satisfying follow-up to X-Force #20 that moves major story threads along while revealing how dark Beast’s ideas about keeping Krakoa safe are. It may not be a Wolverine story, but it’s one of the most exciting Hellfire Gala chapters yet.

  • 72

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: The story was good. It was a great addition to the bigger arc of the Hellfire Gala. Unfortunately, it lacked the intimacy of a Wolverine story. The entire issue felt more like an issue of X-Force than a Wolverine solo title. The character himself was relegated to the background of his own title and as entertaining as the story was, that was a waste. There was a moment with Logan in the issue that could have been the crux of it. It could have been focused on that moment and made into something that spoke to Wolverine’s past, but it’s glossed over in one line.

    The Art: Eaton delivers some great art in the issue. There are some exciting action moments throughout and the energy of the story was captured in the art.

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    I’m going to keep this short and sweet. This is a fine issue, and I’m sure it’s key to the ongoing stories that Benjamin Percy is working on, but it’s nothing special for a stand alone issue. It’s not even much of a Wolverine comic. This issue is a lot more about the Beast and whatever dark road Marvel has him going down these days. The plant people of Terra Verde are not particularly interesting, and Beast’s dark machinations don’t really jive with the rest of Krakoa, in my opinion. The fights aren’t particularly interesting and Deadpool doesn’t have as much to do this issue with his cameo. So this is just a fine, standard little issue that theoretically moves the Terra Verde storyline forward in some important ways. One assumes.
    Gets the job done on some ongoing storylines, whatever those jobs might be.

  • 70

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall this was an adequate issue. It had some moments of excitement and political intrigue but many of it was overshadowed by the actions of a leader.

  • 60


    The “Hellfire Gala” event continues with the Terra Verdeans suddenly realizing what the Mutants had recently done to them, prompting Wolverine, X-Force and Deadpool (who is barely featured, don’t let the cover get you too excited) to quiet things down as the party continues. Wolverine #13 is barely a Wolverine comic but does keep the story chugging along and gives Beast an interesting character beat.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #13 is an okay issue of X-Force. If someone bought it hoping to see Wolverine or whats on the cover, thats not whats in there. It sets up some cool stuff for the future, and Percy is always entertaining, but its nothing special. Eatons artwork is aggressively mediocre, which is a pretty good way to describe this issue in general.

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