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Wolverine #1

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THE BEST IS BACK! Wolverine been through a lot. He’s been a loner. He’s been a killer. He’s been a hero. He’s been an Avenger. He’s been to hell and back. Now, as the nation of Krakoa brings together all Mutantkind, he can finally be… happy? With his family all together and safe, Wolverine has everything he ever wanted… and everything to lose. Writer Benjamin Percy (X-FORCE, WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT) and legendary artist Adam Kubert (X-MEN, AVENGERS) bring the best there is to his new home! PLUS: The return of OMEGA RED!

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67 pages
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19 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall this book is a masterpiece. From the art to the two outstanding stories, this is not only a must read for Wolverine fans, but for all x-fans and comic book fans in general. If you haven’t been reading ‘Dawn of X’ or read ‘House of X/Powers of X’ then you might be a little lost. That being said this is a series you don’t want to miss out on catch up on the others and then dive immediately into this book, you won’t regret it.

  • 100

    You Don't Read Comics

    Wolverine #1 is a perfect beginning for Wolverine’s newest ongoing series. Benjamin Percy is a great fit for Logan. He gets how to tell fun Wolverine stories that play off the stories of the past without being exact copies of them. He gives Wolverine starved readers two excellent stories that will leave them begging for more. The art by Kubert and Bogdanovic fits each story wonderfully. Reuniting Kubert and Wolverine is perfect, and it will be cool to see what he does next with the book. Bogdanovic is new to the character and brings new energy to the whole thing. For readers who have been waiting for Wolverine to get his own book since the lackluster Return Of Wolverine, this book is perfect.

  • 95

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Benjamin Percy delivers across the board with both of these stories. Wolverine’s life on Krakoa has so far been one that straddles the line between enjoying paradise while also feeling uneasy about it. Both stories play into that dynamic and explore them in ways that are engaging to the reader. I enjoyed both stories immensely and Logan’s unique perspective on both the threats and his own life are well told.

    The Art: Adam Kubert brings some beautifully detailed panels to his story and there is a great contrast between the lush, stylish vision of Krakoa and the brutal sharpness of the outside world. Bogdanovic showcases the brutality of the character perfectly as his panels bathe Wolverine in darkness and shadows.

  • 92

    Comic Watch

    it’s a double feature with an issue one that showcases exactly why Benjamin Percy is the writer to take us onward into the next era of stories about Marvel’s most popular Canadian mutant. Percy obviously loves the character and that comes through in the writing. This combined with top-notch art from Kubert, Bogdanovic and the art teams make it a very solid and promising start to the series that really makes you feel like you got your moneys worth for this oversized issue.

  • 92

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Percy draws readers into this oversized issue with two remarkable stories filled with mystery, imagination, and violence immediately out of the gate. What more could you want from a Wolverine story? From the opening page, Wolverine fans will be hooked while almost feeling apart of the journey. The story was incredibly easy to follow and made a dialogue-heavy issue that would normally feel long and tiring, thrilling and vibrant. Blend that smoothie with a bit of Kubert’s dramatic illustrations that really capture the gripping conflict between the panels and you have yourself an excellent kickstart to this series we’ve been craving now since HOXPOX if not before. I have extremely high hopes for this issue and think it’s totally worth the cover price. If you’re an X-fan, this is a must-buy! Pick this issue up and add this series to your pull list. You’ll be glad you did.

  • 90

    Black Nerd Problems

    In this case, Percy is, more or less, offering a hard-boiled crime drama with Logan as a badass, old school Jack Reacher type of hero you would expect to be played by Timothy Olyphant. Someone has been stealing Krakoan flowers with curative abilities for street drug applications and Wolvie is hot on their trail. Of course, the customary superhero shenanigans are there, but I found a lot of entertainment in the exposition moments where Logan is rousting the bar or getting crime lab information from Sage. A reader can get a lot of mileage out of a Wolverine that comes across as equal parts superhero and Elmore Leonard character. Also, the world building that takes place is definitely notable. Everything surrounding the very existence of Krakoa is like its own little world beneath the world with its own black market and religious fanaticism. Percy doesn’t touch on these things as much as I’d have liked but it’s only the first issue so this is certainly a forgivable offense. Meanwhile, the artwork from Adam Kubert is top shelf. His attention to detail in every panel is second to none and really taps into that “wild man” aspect of what makes Wolverine visually interesting.

    Granted, this is another volume in one of Marvel’s most overused franchises, but Benjamin Percy’s approach feels fresh and most certainly proves its worth apart from the others. Definitely worth your time.

  • 90


    Overall I was impressed with this extra-long issue. Wolverine is back and he has not one, but two very big mysteries to solve. I could argue introducing two entirely different stories is a bold move in a first issue, but that might be due to the artists trading off from issue to issue. One delves into the nature of Wolverine losing control and losing his memory while the other plays around with his powers in a new and exciting way. This book emphatically reminds us Wolverine is inherently important to X-Men comics and the greater Marvel universe too. A strong first stab and crimson-hued look at the greatest loner superhero ever.

  • 85


    Whenever Wolverine starts branching out into additional series, it’s acause for concern on my part. Call it the result of being a veteran ofthe character’s extreme overexposure over the years. But Percy and hisartists are on the right path here so far. The stories are resonant andthe art is very good, making Wolverine another successful launchin the Dawn of X.

  • 85


    The storylines contained in this issue are amazingly good. For instance, being brought into seeing the breadth in which Krakoa is towards the mutants made the initial start of “Catacombs” inviting and intriguing. The content of the story and dialog contained enriched the stories and pulled you into Logan’s emotional journey. The artwork presented by both artists is striking and helps pull you into the story. Some of the darkened hues and a couple of the tight close-ups of characters felt slightly disconnected but overall didn’t harm the flow. Overall, a very exciting, deep issue with outstanding feel and visuals.

  • 80


    Regardless, fans of Wolverine will love this book for what it is and all the colorful character moments that speak to Logan’s complexity whether it’s training the next generation of mutants in vital survival skills (i.e. playing hide-and-go-seek) or slashing apart the bad people who are worse than him. This book perfectly captures the spirit of Wolverine and why he is the best at what he does.

  • 80

    The opening issue of Wolverine is a case study of a man who no longer recognizes the world he lives in. His old foes are now reluctant friends, he’s being sent to chase down rogue pollen producers, and he can’t even flirt with a French vampire hunter without getting beat up on by bourgeois vampires in the catacombs. As long as this new Wolverine series keeps showing Wolverine’s struggles to fit in the Dawn of X world, then it might prove to be more interesting than other solo Wolverine outings.

  • 80

    Geek'd Out

    I think there’s something for everyone in Wolverine. Percy spins plates like crazy, plays in two completely separate genres, and still manages to give Logan’s demons their due. Do you want an X-Force spin-off? Great. A mystery with intrigue ripped from the headlines? Awesome. A horror-slash-adventure romp? Excellent. This book has all of that andsomekiller art. Even if I felt sometimes distracted from the character work by overwrought action, this book made me, a Wolverine skeptic, interested in the man behind the claws. Benjamin Percy cares about that man too, and he’s nowhere near done with him.

  • 80

    Sequential Planet

    Wolverine’s first issue might have its share of problems and it definitely isn’t the best book around, but it’s still great-looking and fun read. Give it a shot!

  • 80

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Wolverine #1 allows Logan to do what he does best — look like a total beast while he fights monsters and investigates a captivating mystery. The creative team hits a bullseye, and the whole issue is a powerful tribute to one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes.

  • 75

    Multiversity Comics

    Marvel is on the right track with “Wolverine” #1 despite a few odd artistic decisions which are mainly an issue in the first half of the title. Thanks to the cliffhanger of the issue, Benjamin Percy has shown readers that the new era of “Wolverine” carries a mission statement and clear direction. The dual stories within the issue intersect in a couple of incredibly clever ways that kept me interested until I read the very last page of the issue. Percy is also able to frame a “Wolverine” story within the world of Krakoa that feels fresh and unique. This interpretation of “Wolverine” is also illustrated through a more modern lens that sees Logan acting like a hero. The issue even features a couple of incredibly well-written text pieces to accommodate the story that shed light on the book. Hardcore ‘Dawn of X’ readers and huge Marvel fans should not skip this issue.

    “Wolverine” #1 makes a solid case for Logan to have yet another ongoing series during the ‘Dawn of X.’

  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    SIXTY PAGES of Wolverine, with two big story hooks in play to bring the best-known X-Man back into the fray, with solid art and a lot of first-person narration. It’s a pretty good start…

  • 70


    Not that X-Men readers are starved for new, high quality books right now, but Wolverine is definitely worth a look for anyone wanting more of this iconic X-Man. Wolverine #1 is a meaty introduction to the new series, one that builds organically on the Dawn of X status quo but also taps into a classic ’90s sensibility. While the first story hits a few narrative bumps along the way, the strong visuals and characterization are enough to carry the day.

  • 60

    Comic Crusaders

    There will be fans who are looking forward to a new Wolverine book. Whilst the Krakoa situation certainly adds a different spice to proceedings, at this early stage, this issue isn’t that “all new or all different”; for some that might be great, for others less so. Truth be told, regardless of how popular Wolverine is, I could take or leave this new book.

  • 60

    Comic Book Revolution

    Wolverine #1 is a slightly better than average read. Unfortunately, Wolverine #1 comes with a heavy $8.00 price tag. There is simply no way in the world I can recommend anyone spend $8.00 for a slightly above average read. That is just way too much money. The cost of Wolverine #1 will nearly get you an entire month of Netflix!

    Having said that, once the cover price for Wolverine returns to the customarily inflated cost of $4.00 and if Percy kicks his story up a few notches then this might be a title worth trying.

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