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Wild's End #6 (of 6)

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In the climactic FINAL ISSUE, Flo and Roddy are at the mercy of the aliens, and it’s up to Old Thom and Eddie to create a distraction.

But in order for their plan to succeed, someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice…

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  • 100

    Wild’s End #6 is an exercise in how keeping things simple can allow the important moment to shine. Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard’s cozy alien invasion story has had a calm demeanor and steady pace throughout, building toward this earned and explosive finale. Instead of thrusting the reader face-first into the cataclysm, these moments are framed from a distance, allowing the contrast of colors and the scale of the looming alien threats to come through. That bright yellow light popping off the subtle blue background is as memorable a moment as I’ve recently seen in comics. This approach also allows for certain other storytelling tricks, including a little sleight of hand that lets the reader believe certain characters are in one place when they are, in fact, elsewhere and calibrating for when the story pulls out further, emphasizing this struggle is but one skirmish in a much larger war. It’s a story of sacrifices made with calm reason and of people from various walks of life banding together to do what must be done when there’s little other choice left to them and they are reminded that, ultimately, they’re all they’ve got. We can only hope that the ending is hinting at more stories to come in this world that Abnett and Culbard have created. Storytelling with this level of quiet confidence is all too rare.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Abnett brings this arc to an amazing conclusion filled with great drama, action, thrills and heart. The story delivers great moments for every character including growth in some and softness in others. I love how each character changes in the story and how the events surrounding them make them more determined to do what they can to help. I also the open-ended style of the conclusion and how it leaves the door open for more story to come.

    The Art: Culbard has a wonderful visual style and it brings a fresh and engaging view of the way comics can tell a story visually. I love the imagery throughout the issue and how it combines elements of War of the Worlds and Arnold Lobel to create a unique visual experience.

  • 80

    First Comics News

    A few unexpected things happen in this final issue. The ending may not be what you expected yet it is fitting. Humans, anamorphic animals acting as humans, will fight against invading forces. People want to be free and if you take that away they do not give up easily. They do not give up at all they fight on as long and hard as they can even the nonmilitary, the common people will fight for their rights.

  • 60


    I in no way shape or form regret my time reading Wild’s End — it delivered a solid and compelling story. The fact that it missed the mark at the end by a few degrees isn’t a failure of the narrative at-large but is instead likely a weird lesson in disguise. These slow-burning stories are an investment, and even if the end doesn’t explode in wonder and sci-fi madness, that never lessens the bonds we’ve forged with these characters (even as it still feels a tad depressive). I’d certainly read more from this world, even if my next experience is colored with a tinge of apprehension and not outright joy.

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